Wednesday, October 13, 2010

taiwanese/street eats: i strongly recommend XING LONG HANDMADE COLD NOODLES

No. 2-1, Lane 333, Roosevelt Rd. (Or LuoSiFu Rd)
(02) 2363-0429

hours: 11AM- 11 PM


Kid friendliness: limited tight seating; can get stuff to go

Visit reviewed: 10/6/2010

Down any random alley in Taipei, you'll inevitably find something delicious to eat. Down this random alley in Shida, I followed my gut and followed my nose. I smelled the sweet distinctive smell of stinky tofu. Sweet to some, unbearable to others. This alley, like a lot of others, was like uncovering a treasure map of eats- a run bing vendor, a pepper bun stand, a soy tofu vendor, and a row of xiao chi or small eats.

But one stood out from the others- it was bustling, there were people waiting in line and it was the source of the stinkiness! If I didn't have a lunch date right around the corner, I would have did a tasting course with a sample from each different place.

Besides stinky tofu, this place is also known for their cold sesame noodles and hot noodle soups, based on the orders and wall of fame. There's not a lot of room to sit- some right in front of the food, and about 10 seats in the back.Everything is under NT$50 or US$2.

I grabbed a plastic stool near the front, next to the wall of magazine and newspaper reviews blown up for show. While I was waiting for my stinky tofu to be freshly fried, I watched the lao ban scoop up dry noodles from a huge silver bowl and spoon an assortment of sauces atop to complete a plate of cold sesame noodles and a short line form for to-go orders.

The wait was worth it. The crispy skin of the each piece of stinky tofu was broken in the center, and stuffed with finely diced garlic and garlic juice. It was like the pungency of the garlic cancelled out the pungency of the stinky tofu and made one harmonious bite. (Ha ha! Okay, I can't imagine what stinky tofu garlic breath smells like to the non initiated, but just bring some mints for afterwards.) Topped with sliced cucumber and a side of pickled cabbage for more crunch, I added some of the chili sauce that was available on the table.

So now I have new daytime spot to go to for stinky tofu lovers while mourning the my recent discovery of the disappearance/closure of Yong Kang Kou on Yong Kang Street. I'm definitely coming back to this alley for more.

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Tea said...

I love all of your reviews, but something about ones like these hits home for me. These hole-in-the-wall places look like the Taiwan I visited because I have family over there that has a place like that. This totally makes me crave a bowl of my aunt's niu rou mian, now. :)

Nilcha said...

i kinda confuse, so the long cold noodles is cooked with the tofu?

just curious cos the tofu looks really tasty.

jacky said...

I just love tofu, these images are making me hungry!! It looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

I just want to add that that location is actually right across from NTU, not near Shida. I used to go to this place all the time when I was a student at NTU. :) Love the crisp tofu skin!

Anonymous said...

You gotta go to A-Bian in Sindian (Zhongzheng Road opposite Cardinal Tien Hospital) if you want the best Chou dou fu in Taipei. Takes a lot of beating.

joanh said...

tea: thanks! i love eating at the hole in the wall places too, though sometimes it's hard for me to figure out the addresses to share! :)

nilcha: hi! the cold noodles are a separate dish from the stinky tofu! places like these have a lot of little dishes.

jacky: thanks!! it was good!

anonymous: ok got it! i'm not super familiar with the area- the whole area is not shida or gongguan?

anonymous: thanks for the rec! i don't go to xindian often, but i'll have to remember that for the next time!

Johnny said...

lol, local areas are hard to define in taipei. I think I saw this place b4, it's between the gong guan mrt station and the taiwan power station mrt station isn't it?

joanh said...

johnny: yes, local places are hard because they usually have no real address or phone number. this alley is off of roosevelt rd, yes sort of between the two MRT stops

Anonymous said...

could someone please post a link on google maps, I can't figure out where this place is located at. thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

can you recommend some other palce near xinyi area for cold sesame noodle