Thursday, October 21, 2010

CLOSED! western/brunch: i recommend ELEPHANT CAFE

CLOSED! a/o 2012

No. 1, Lane 238, Dun Hua S. Road, Sec. 1

MRT: ZhongXiao/DunHua

website: Elephant Cafe's Facebook page

hours: M-F 11AM - 11PM / Sat-Sun 9 AM- 11PM


Kid friendliness: great setting for large groups, spotted kids/babies every time. highchairs and kid dinnerware available.

Visit reviewed: 11/22/09 & 11/27/09

Elephant is a cozy cafe behind Dun Nan Sogo that you might never spot, next door to the now closed California Grill. But it's worth visiting especially for its weekend brunch or grabbing one of their patio seats for afternoon tea.

The weekend only brunch includes a hearty, homestyle breakfast plate that you can customize to include the amount of meat, the style of egg and the kind of potato (hash brown or home fries (NT$220-320)). Although it was a little strange to have small sides of potato salad and salad on the plate, it was not a bad thing.

A small side of fresh fruit comes on the side as well.

I had to try the cheesecake as well- which was milky and creamy. Not too sweet, with a strong cream cheese flavor.

Lunch options include sandwiches, pasta, rice dishes and daily specials. I enjoyed the sandwiches with the crispy french fries, especially the egg salad sandwich (NT$!50). The egg salad sandwich doesn't have a lot of mayo mixed in like you would expect, which works for me because I'm not crazy about mayonnaise.

I also was surprised by their lasagna which was not heavy at all. Loaded with vegetables, along with layers of pasta and cheese, this was one of the most memorable tasty lasagnas I'd had in awhile.

But I visited again recently, and now instead of offering one type of lasagna, they offer several. I ordered the vegetable lasagne hoping to get the same thing, but now it came with a creamy white sauce and green pasta layers. It was different than what I expected, but worked. So if you are set on tomato sauce, check with the server.

I didn't like their daily special curry with rice which was way too spicy for me and more soupy than a thicker curry I was used to. This is no longer on the menu as well, I believe.

Other things to try at Elephant Cafe are their waffles and their chocolate peanut butter dessert.

Elephant gets busy during the weekends, so call ahead for reservations, especially if you have a larger group.

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黃愛玲 said...

I'm going to visit for sure. =o)

Anonymous said...

Funny with a name like that you think it Thai food they serve there.


joanh said...

黃愛玲: cool! hope you enjoy it!

anonymous/richard: i didn't think about it that way until you said so! hahah.

Anonymous said...

We ate there on a weekend. I have to say that we were not very happy with the service... First of all, we found a plastic thing in our dish (most possibly comes from the dish washing scrub), and they asked us to leave after 2 hours because it was a Sunday and they were busy, which we understood but would appreciate if they'd told us at the very beginning.


joanh said...

anonymous: sorry to hear about your bad experience. foreign stuff in your food is never a good thing. and yes, for brunch, they should have advance notice if there is a time limit... thanks for sharing so other readers can know..

INEZ said...

...i think they closed :(

INEZ said...

i think they're closed. :(