Thursday, December 16, 2010

snapshot/breakfast: i strongly recommend the bacon cheese bao from CHAO ZHOU BAO ZI

No. 52, Lane 216, ZhongXiao E. Road, Sec. 4
(02) 2773-8371

MRT: SYS Memorial Hall or ZhongXiao/DunHua

hours: 7AM-8PM

website: Chinese only


Kid friendliness: mantou/bao only to go in a busy alley intersection but lots of kid friendly choices

Visit reviewed: 10/28/2010

Bacon + cheese + a soft bao = awesome!

When I saw the ladies next to me pick up 20 of the same buns at Chao Zhou Bao Zi on Lane 216, I had to ask- what are you getting? She said what sounded like "pei-gan chee-zu bao" or bacon cheese bao (NT$20) and totally sold me on it. I had to try one as well and I'm so glad I did.

If you pick it up hot, the cheese is oozing inside with chopped up pieces of bacon which goes perfectly with the slightly peppery, soft bun - kind of like a Taiwanese hot pocket. An indulgence that's much better than the processed breakfast sandwich you'd get at McD's. You can also pick it up warm/cool, to freeze or store for later reheating/steaming and consumption.

I've gone back several times to get it and sometimes they are sold out at different times of the day. I've also recommended it to friends who have also become addicted. While I like their meat bamboo baos, I prefer the meat to bun ratio from the Lao Guh Tsui Jian Bao place down the street. But the bacon cheese bun I've never seen anywhere else!

Though they've revamped their storefront sign, the signs for the buns and mantous are still all in Chinese and it's hard to tell what's available unless you ask in Chinese. They have a pretty wide variety and there are savory as well as sweet buns- like sesame or red bean or brown sugar mantou.

Since there are several places on 216, look for a sign on the corner that looks like this bag..

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黃愛玲 said...

I will visit there when I go back to Taipei. =o)

Anonymous said...

Yum Yum baozi! Too bad I don't eat bacon, but that looks very good!!

sweaty pig said...

Dropped by this afternoon while strolling the neighborhood with the venerable ones. My Dad stopped in his tracks and pointed with his cane, exclaiming "Look! Bacon baozi."

Must say that it wasn't my cuppa tea. I thought that the any flavor the bacon bits yielded was muted by the ground pork and the moist, steamed bread. There was very little cheese (which was probably a good thing) and that seemed to be of the Velveeta variety. I would prefer some crispy strips of bacon with a dab of chevre in a nice crusty baguette thanks. Still, points for novelty value.

Nicholas said...

DULY NOTED. I guess even traditionalist shops have to play up to the bacon trend eh?

joanh said...

黃愛玲: great! let me know what you think!

Sparklewolfie: they have a lot of different varieties, you should check it out!

sweaty pig: mine didn't have ground pork.. weird. i agree that crispy bacon always does it for me, and the bacon in the bao is not crispy having been steamed, but somehow it works for a breakfast snack for me. btw- i think it's hard to find good crispy bacon in taipei..

nicholas: you know it! bacon makes everything better :)

Shiroi Neko said...

Wow. wanna bite it now.

Shauna said...

i went there today actually and although her english was quite broken, from my understanding they are no longer making the bacon cheese bun :(

joanh said...

shauna- yes, sadly they stopped making it.. it will be missed!!

Anonymous said...

I second the last two comments. The lady said that the plain cheese was selling better than the cheesey bacon one, so they stopped making it 2 yrs ago. I got their most popular item now, plain pork. It was just ok. Maybe some of their other flavors are better.