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Monday, May 23, 2011

desserts/delivery: i recommend LA CUISINE DE MAMAN

La Cuisine de Maman
0980-392-160 Miss Peng
0988-513-551 Judy

website: La Cuisine de Maman's Facebook page


Kid friendliness: large enough to share, if you want to.

Visit reviewed: 3/29/2011

Nothing like surprises for your birthday, wrapped in pretty pink packages and a satin bow. 

The surprise is made even sweeter when it has desserts inside! Thanks to my friend and fellow food lover, I got to enjoy homemade desserts without doing any baking. La Cuisine de Maman doesn't have a storefront, but a gander at their Facebook page shows that they sell homemade 6 or 8 inch apple or strawberry pies (NT$220-380) with various shipping costs. When my friend told me I was getting an apple pie, the words conjured up American style pie topped with pie crust- but instead it was an intricately made, open faced apple tart.

I admired the methodical cutting of the apple slices and placement to make a beautiful flower-like pie. I found the apples crisper rather than soft, and less sweet than I'd usually like, but probably perfectly suited for lighter Taiwanese tastebuds.

The strawberry tart was also emphasizing the fruit's natural sweetness rather than overloading it with sugary syrup. 

Pull it out with the waxy tissue paper. 

This would be awesome with a scoop of ice cream. 

I could see this as an "ooh and aah" alternative for cake for birthdays, Mother's Day, anniversaries, or baby showers.

A slice of each is the perfect accompaniment to catching up on the Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy or Gossip Girl. What a perfect way to welcome summer.


Anonymous said...

That looks SO delicious! I love the way the apple pie is presented :) Normal American apple pie is too sweet for me, so maybe this lighter type will be better! :D

joanh said...

sparklewolfie- if typical american pie is too sweet for you, then you should love this! i didn't have a big problem with the sweetness, i just was used to the apple being more tender, less crisp