Monday, December 05, 2011

CLOSED/revisited/bakery: I still strongly recommend WE LOVE COOKIES

No. 17, Lane 283, Luo Si Fu (Roosevelt) Road, Sec. 3
(02) 2369-5555

MRT: Gongguan & Taipower Bldg

website: We Love Cookies Facebook page

hours: 5 PM - 10 PM; Closed Mondays


Kid friendliness: buy extras for yourself because the kids will eat them all

Visit reviewed: 11/20/2011
Previous Visit reviewed: 8/17/2011

Finally caught We Love Cookies during their open hours again and spotted a new refrigerated display case for cupcakes and lots more options.

The first thing I had to try? Red Velvet whoopie pies!!

Cupcakes and mini cheesecakes are NT$50, whoopie pies NT$25, cookies are still 5 for NT$100. Flavors of the day were carrot cake, mint chocolate chip, passion fruit, Bailey's and banana cupcake with chocolate frosting. Cookies are not usually available until after 5pm, but will be warm and fresh from the oven.

The Bailey's cupcake had Bailey's irish creme liqueur in the frosting, as well as coconuts and pecans. The cupcake was moist with a few chocolate chips inside.

The cookies are still chewy and delicious even a day or two after buying them- my favorites are still the chocolate brownie dusted with powdered sugar and the cornflake cookie with dried cranberries.

Oh and the red velvet whoopie pies were good! Moist with cream cheese frosting in between the cake cookie layers, it was the right amount of sweetness and tasted like it could come out of any trendy bakery in LA.

Still no official sign for the storefront as We Love Cookies shop is a still a "work in progress", but look for it in between the Sababa or the instant ramen shop, a few alleys behind Tai Yi Milk King, across from Taida. Perfect for picking up some desserts for the next holiday potluck.


Christine said...

To think that not only can you get whoopie pies, that taste like they could've been made from a trendy bakery in LA, for a fraction of the cost.. but you can also eat your heart out while being wallet friendly. I miss Taiwan!! T_T

Anonymous said...

holy crap, those desserts look awesome! My coworker and i were just complaining about the lack of good cookies and cupcakes in Taipei (and carrot cake). Most def need to make a trip out there

Anonymous said...

I went there this weekend after seeing your last review. Took me a while to find it (because a small park kind of messes up the numbering system), but worth the effort.

The owner/baker was super friendly and gave out lots of samples. I wouldn't normally try anything with banana in it, but because he gave me a sample I tried the banana cupcake with chocolate frosting. Wow. I'll go back and get more every weekend!

Coco In Korea said...

Thank you, I will definitely be visiting this place when I come to Taiwan :)

mew said...

i don't know what at whoopie pie is but sounds good. the cookie flavours you mentioned are right up my alley! mmm~~~ will have to wait for next visit to Taipei, last time we made it to Tai Yi but were too full to actually eat anything

Anonymous said...

I spotted that place after eating at Sababa's. I loved the home kitchen look and the fresh cookies spreaded on bakiing sheets were so tempting that I tried them all. Loved them all! Very chewy, not too sweet. They were as good the next morning. A must!