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Saturday, March 17, 2012

event: BRAHMS and CO. at W TAIPEI

10 ZhongXiao E. Rd, Sec. 5, 31 FL
Reservation line (02) 7708-8887

MRT: Taipei City Hall

$$$ (NT$2000/person)

If you've ever wanted to hear sweet nothings mummured in French with some live trumpeting and DJ'ing, then check out Brahms and Co at the W Taipei, with special set fusion menus offered at Yen. I got the chance to check it out and enjoyed the tasting, ambiance and the company. Dress up, put on the sparkly heels and feel like a part of the cool kids. 

The last night of the limited event is tonight March 17th at 8PM.

Yen appetizer combo- boxer chicken, crispy soft shell crab and otah scallop

baked snowfish, leatherwood honey soy dressing
I enjoyed the egg white "rice" which I thought was polenta or couscous, but it was a pool of tiny pebbles of creamy egg white which left me wondering, how did they make this. The fish was tender and sweet from the honey soy dressing.

I really dug the presentation of the grilled Kurobata pork  and the sweet and spicy mix of the Thai chili sauce. I wanted to sneak the sauce and the adorable mini ceramic crock pot home. I was surprised that this type of food was coming out of Yen, and I was told that the chef was originally from Singapore and I could definitely taste the subtle expertise.

grilled kurobata pork, jaew dipping sauce and glutinous rice

The slight awkwardness of the plating of the dessert made me giggle, with the non edible chocolate clef pushing all the mousses to the side, but I got over it once I tasted the bite sized Guanaja chocolate and passionfruit, white chocolate and raspberry desserts. I'm usually not a fan of mousses, but these had the firmer texture like flavored cheesecakes.

With the swanky lounge bar atmosphere and flowing bubbly, it felt a little bit like New Year's Eve instead of an ordinary weeknight in Taipei.


la donna said...

i recently attended an event @ the W and also enjoyed the baked snowfish...creative usage of the egg whites~ *wish* i found your site sooner!

joanh said...

la donna: thanks!! we picked the same set! hope you can comment on your other favorite eats