Friday, June 28, 2013

snapshot/japanese: SANJI RAMEN's tsukemen

I'm the type of person that tends to order the same exact thing every time I return to a restaurant, especially if I really liked it the first time around. But who wants to eat a hot bowl of ramen when it's humid and a hundred degrees outside? So I decided to give the tsukemen at Sanji Ramen a try during a lunch with an out of town friend.

Tsukemen is the style where you dip the noodles in a reduced broth rather than have the noodles and soup together. The vegetables, egg and meat are usually room temperature as well. The noodles are very al dente chewy and a filling portion (though it only fills half the bowl. There's a wooden rack beneath the noodles)

There are three choices for the dipping broth at Sanji- pork shoyu, black sesame or spicy miso. I chose the pork shoyu. Sanji gives also a small pot of plain broth if you want to water down the dipping sauce to drink. Personally, I thought the warm dipping broth was on the salty side (as was warned by the waiter), but not rich enough to coat the noodles as I had first experienced at LA's popular tsukemen joint Tsujita. 

I probably would stick to the trademark Kagoshima style shoyu pork bone broth ramen on return visits, as many people in the crowded restaurant (and people waiting in line at 1pm outside) didn't mind slurping even with the summer heat outside. I also would give the tsukemen at Ippudo a try, which is a seasonal item on their menu.

No. 12, Song Shou Road, 5FL 
台北市信義區松壽路 12號 5樓
(02) 7737-5188

MRT: Taipei City Hall


$ (about NT$200/person)

Kid friendliness: lots of kids spotted, lots kid friendly menu options

Previous visit reviewed: 2/3/2012

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