Monday, July 01, 2013

american/bbq: i strongly recommend ED'S DINER

No. 216, Lequn 2nd Rd, Neihu
(02) 8502-6969

MRT: Jiannan (about 10-15 minute walk away)

website: Ed's Diner's FB page

hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11AM - 2PM; 5PM - 9PM. Closed Mondays.

$$ (Cash only)

Kid friendliness: minimum charge of NT$100 for kids on weekends

Visit reviewed: 4/18/2013 and 4/26/2013

American BBQ and ribs in Taipei. For the longest time, your options were Tony Roma's (which is now closed), Chili's, or the Jack Daniel ribs at TGIF- and those places aren't going to give you slow cooked, woodfire bbq. Baba Kevin offers a great bbq via catering or delivery, but then the ribs need to be reheated.

Those of you who love pulled pork, brisket and baked beans will be excited to see the menu from the popular Ed's Diner in Neihu. (Make your July 4th reservations now and tell them where you found it!)

You might even spy the logs on the side outside the restaurant that they use to smoke the meat and also realize that you smell like bbq when you head home. 

Ed's Diner uses the "same rubs and sauces as the six time winner of the Barbecue World Championship" and learned the secret winning recipe to use for the slow cooked, wood fire bbq. After a few bites, you can see why the recipe was a winner. 

I actually brought out my fancy DSLR to get some glamour shots and then my memory card got corrupted when I was uploading photos. BOOO! I already tried to recover it, but it's a lost cause. Thankfully, I have lots of iphone photos that will give you a general idea. I lost the interior and storefront shots, but you can just scroll down to the meat!

I knew I was going to want to try a little of everything so I rounded up a group of excited, ravenous friends so that we could order almost everything on the menu. Pork ribs, beef ribs, bbq pork, bbq chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork sandwich and a plethora of side dishes- my favorites were the baked sweet potato topped with butter and cheese (!!), baked beans and baked potato.

Service is relatively friendly and prompt and most of the waiters speak English, so ask for an English menu if you need one. Plate specials include soup, salad, bread roll and a drink- which is a soft drink or ice lemon or peach tea. Set soup changes daily, this was a pumpkin soup.

I loved the pulled pork sandwich (NT$300) and I think if you're dining solo and can only order one thing, it will be more than satisfying. Overflowing with pulled pork and topped with coleslaw, it is saucy and tender with the bun holding it all together. The side of veggies was us trying to be healthy- but go for the sweet potato!

Full slab pork ribs (NT$950) is the best for sharing, with lots of ribs to go around.

On my first visit, I had wished that there was more sauce atop or on the side, since the ribs have a dry rub, but on our second visit, we figured out you just have to ask. There's spicy or regular bbq sauce available for those that want a little more.

BBQ chicken (NT$280)

Waygu Beef ribs (NT$790)- I wasn't as crazy about these and they are a bit on the expensive side, so I'd recommend the pulled pork sandwich or the brisket for first timers.

BBQ brisket (NT$380) - a bit fatty but oh so good. I remember the bbq brisket I've had in the states being pulled apart already, but it's not a big deal to cut the tender beef myself and bathe it in some sauce. It's great with the baked beans, which have a sweetness and tomato flavor.

With such reasonable prices, good portions and delicious bbq for carnivores, Ed's Diner is packed during lunch and dinner hours, but takes reservations for parties of four or more. When we left around 2pm, the lunch crowd had cleared out, so if you don't want to wait or grab a table outside, then I'd recommend coming early when they open and having everyone in your party there ready to sit down and grub. 


Anonymous said...

Is there potato salad there? I from San Francisco and the Bar BQ joints always serve potato salad. I will try Ed Diner for their Bar BQ still .


Jeff said...

Ed's is not bad, but if you are a serious bbq person, it is not great either. Their BBQ is not one of the major BBQ styles- Memphis, Kansas City, Texas, Carolina (eastern or western). However, if you need a fix for smoked meat, it will suffice. I am not saying it is bad, I just don't want a true BBQ expert to be disappointed.

Shrey Patel said...


Nice BBQ..
You shared nice information with us.
Thank You.

becky said...

did u like the waygu beef ribs? they looked dry

Unknown said...

Eds has pretty much become my go to when I have a craving for BBQ.

Just a note: They do takeout and you can call ahead and order ahead of time. Who wants to wait for ribs?

Restaurants said...

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Charles said...

Only been once (so far), but already love this place! I'm a huuuuge fan of ribs, and these are by far the best in Taiwan.
I can't wait to go back and try the brisket!

Unknown said...

Baba Kevin's American Barbecue Co. offers full-service catering of authentic American BBQ. He's a KCBS BBQ judge and has been serving BBQ in Taiwan since 2009. He uses imported hickory oak and mesquite, not the Taiwanese dragoneye wood. They offer BBQ catering and also hot delivery in Taipei with reservations. Visit or call 0800-88-RIBS (0800-887-427). Hands down the best American BBQ you'll find on the island.

JamesM said...

Ed's is a more Carolina style, with sharper vinegar-mustard focused sauces. It is pretty good considering it is in Taiwan. It is the best I have had here apart from Baba kevin's for catering and my own if I have the time, so Ed's supports the lazy BBQ'er well.

The pork chop is great as most pork chops in Taiwan are more along the lines of shaved meat but this chop is a thick, meaty, juicy beast that defies local convention. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

Had a negative dining experience here on 10/22/2015. The food didn't taste as good as it did when we tried Ed's last year. Potatoes were dry, corn soup seemed powdery (definitely not freshly made), pork fillet over-seasoned, and the signature beef brisket was mostly the unchewable parts. Most of all, the wait staff (a younger guy and a women) seemed not particularly interested in serving us. Took awhile to acknowledge us, were unsmiling, handled our cups and bowls carelessly putting their fingers inside. We finished food only halfway and ended up going to Shilin night market to have another dinner.

Think Ed's was good, but without training or chef oversight, it's easy for a restaurant to go downhill.

Anonymous said...

Had a terrible experience with this restaurant. Booked a table for 2 persons, and when I went there to order their "speciality" they didn't have. When I booked the table I asked if they were going to have ribs, and they confirmed they will, however the story was different when I got there. They said "I had to reserve the ribs". Seems they got a big group before us, so I was basically left out in the dungeons. Staff didn't even move a finger to try to alleviate the situation. This place is not in the "next corner", so some people like me have to plan a whole afternoon to just go there.

We had to eat a super chewy brisket and a dried burger. Nothing especial here.

According to some friends this restaurant was excellent, but it seems that they are lost without proper management.

joanh said...

Anonymous - sorry to hear you guys didn't have good experiences. I haven't been in a few years but I quite liked it when I wrote it up and went back quite often