Wednesday, June 25, 2014

happy 9 years to hungryintaipei!

Sometimes I meet new people who reveal that they are fans of Hungry In Taipei after I say "well, I have a food blog..." when I'm taking pictures of our meal. And their excitement in meeting me and enthusiasm about the blog ("What?? Are you Hungry Girl?!") makes me excited again. It reminds me of why I started the blog, why I keep it going- not only as a journal for myself, but also for people who have a mutual love of good food and sharing a good find. It's always flattering to have your time and efforts be acknowledged and helps a lot since it can be hard to stay motivated to write posts with real information and translations when it's easier and faster to just post pics and hashtags when you have so many other things in real life to do and some people say mean things about you on the internets. THANK YOU to those of you who have been following my adventures for the past nine years.

These days, everyone is a food blogger, or at least takes pictures of their food like they are, since it's easier and faster to share with Instagram, Foursquare, FacebookTwitter, Chowhound, Yelp, What's App/WeChat/Line and actual blogs. It's hard to believe when I first started my little Taipei food blog nine years ago, there was none of that, and no iPhones or Google translate or google maps to help us out. So it's great to see a number of new Taipei food blogs in English and a million blogs in Chinese the past few years.

Since I don't get to update here as often as I like, for the newest eats, follow me on Instagram (@hungryintaipei)- I share (almost daily) real time sneak peeks at the latest sushi bars, lobster rolls, gastropubs, teppanyaki, desserts, night markets, french dips, cronuts, fusion and shaved ice in Taipei before I have time to write it up here (and go before the places get too crowded).

So HAPPY 9 years to Hungry In Taipei! N-I-N-E years and 700 posts and counting!! Never thought I would move back to Taipei and live here this long, but it's become my home. To many more years of deliciousness, to discovering new and old restaurants, and to memorable meals shared with those you love. Thanks so much for reading, following, sharing, commenting, appreciating what I do and being hungry with me in Taipei.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, congratulations! I look forward to your posts. Although I have never been to Taiwan, your blog has made it to the top of the list for my travel destinations in the future.

Nick said...

YAY!!! I love your blog and use it often to find tons of great food!

葛曉嵐 said...

Thank you for all the helpful information you share on restaurants in Taipei. I'm sure you help far more people than you know. All the best!

joanh said...

anonymous: thank you for your comment! hope you get to visit Taipei someday soon!

nick: thank you so much! i'm happy to hear that!

葛曉嵐: thank you for commenting! i hope so! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,
Congratulations on 9 years! Thanks for giving me so many great ideas for places to take my friends to eat!

Best wishes,
Yuan-Ling :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! Your blog is really useful and you are doing very well!


Christine said...

Yaaay! Congrats Joan!

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I'm such a fan of your blog. I follow you on insta and I'm pretty sure we were at dintaifung at the same time when I saw you updated on IG.. not creepy at all. Would love to meet you in person one day! You should have a meet and greet. seriously.

jeboody said...

thank you for your past 9 years of this blog. i've come here so often, and i know many others have as well.

i wish i knew about your instagram earlier! so much useful info (chocolate mochi XLB!!!!)

joanh said...

yuan-ling: thank you! i'm glad! meals are always more fun shared with friends

gemma: thank you so much!

christine: thank youuu!

anonymous: haha! i always wonder if people nearby are my blog readers, especially if i hear english! i thought about a meet and greet someday but i like being anonymous for now!

jeboody: yes! chocolate xlb!! see you on instagram!!