Friday, January 30, 2015

dessert/snapshot: I strongly recommend the MOCHI WAFFLES from JIMMIBOBO

This is why I love #taipei so much. Was in search of spring onion pancakes at the street vendors on the corner of Xinyi/DaAn and ended up finding amazing #mochiwaffles instead.


Crispy and carmelized on the outside, chewy on the inside!!! My mochi waffle was caramel macchiato and I got it hot off the waffle maker. There's also matcha, chocolate, strawberry, cheese, caramel and plain. Perfect snack for this chilly day and best nt$35 I've spent in a long time!

There's more #streeteats to explore on this corner- steamed dumplings, knife cut beef noodle soup- check out my past review for pictures! But if your heart is set on trying the mochi waffles, then look for the street cart right near the corner with this blue sign- Jimmi Bobo. I think it's a new version of the Jimmy boba milk tea cart from my last visit.

I wonder if I throw a Mister Donut mochi donut on the waffle iron, will it waffle? That might have to be a blog post for another day.

corner of Xinyi and DaAn Road 信義大安路口 
in front of Felice Cafe
(02) 2754-5192


Unknown said...

oh my god, mochi and waffle sounds like the perfect combination :D can't wait to try it when i get to taipei ^-^

Frankie Haphne said...

Great!!!!! i really love waffles... Must try it some other time.... Try to see this also
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benilhalk said...

Yeah mochi and waffle is a great combination and I always prefer ordering them together at my favorite Chicago restaurants. Not only waffles I love other food items too. You know I am a kind of foodie and never miss any chance to try new dishes.

rebeca said...

I very love waffles..

Anonymous said...

Thank youuuuuu for sharing!!