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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

snapshot/taipei: 7-ELEVEN X MISTER DONUT

7-Eleven X Mister Donut 

Spotted at 7-Eleven in Taipei 101 today. I wonder if it's just at a few locations, or there will be Taiwan-wide displays to tempt you while you wait in line at the front check out. 

It's a smart move by Mister Donut considering they shut down most of their stores a few years ago. Even the one I went to most often at Xinyi Mitsukoshi closed. Now I can only think of the one at  Hankyu.  

Will Krispy Kreme vie to be next to pop up?


sean said...

And now voodoo donuts has opened!

LPeterC said...

I also saw the same at Taipei Main Station.
MRT's HSR exit. On the path to Q Square.

joanh said...

@sean- yup! the review of Voodoo is up! have you tried it?

@LPeterC- cool! thanks for sharing!

Jason said...
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