Thursday, September 10, 2015


Kiko's Diner closed, making room for Caliburger's opening in spring 2015
New restaurants in Taipei to mention since my last round up. It astounds me the rate of new restaurants opening up every few months in Taipei. This great feature on features two places opened recently by Asian American expats bringing "unapologetic American food" here, Spot Taipei and Little NY Pizzeria. And they aren't alone- Bing Burger is opened by Chef Leon, who is a SF native trained at Cordon Bleu, Brookhurst Seafood Bar features Boiling Crab inspired cajun seafood and Drip Cafe's owner/chefs bring their experiences from Southern Cali and Las Vegas.

New Taipei Restaurants 2015 spring/summer
  • Achoi at amba zhongshan (Chef Kin Ming Lam was previously from Michelin starred Jean Georges in Shanghai)
  • Lee's Sandwiches 
  • Thai and Thai at Mandarin Oriental
  • Square Pizza al Taglio
  • Tigertopoki at Hankyu
  • Wunique Patisserie
  • Brass Monkey (at XinYi Vieshow)
  • Yun Jin at Grand Hyatt Taipei
  • Rest and Run 
  • Spot Taipei
  • Burger Fix
  • Solo Pizza
  • Brooklyn at ATT4Fun (taking over Fat Angelo/Belgian Beer Cafe's spot)
  • Yellow Lemon at Xinyi Mitsukoshi A4 (they revamped the whole floor so it's more of a food hall than food court now)
  • iPasta and Samba Pizza also at Mitsukoshi A4
  • Top Cap (opened by same Chef as Danny and Company and ACut)
  • Ye Shanghai
  • Caliburger
  • Voodoo Doughnuts (yup the one from Portland!)
  • Herban Kitchen and Bar
  • Roots Creative
  • Ya Ge at Mandarin Oriental
  • Ephernite
  • Danny What's Nabe
  • Mini K at Neo 19 (sister restaurant of Korean restaurant Major K)
  • Brookhurst Seafood Bar
  • Naked Food
  • Pizza Denise in Tianmu 
  • O Rose ice cream (French ice cream)
  • RexMex 
  • Mayur Indian Kitchen 4Ever (first (and only?) Indian buffet restaurant in Taipei, opened by MIK)
  • Corner Office
  • Suann's Fish and Chips (Danshui)
CLOSED (I know there must be more. Please help me fill in the blanks in the comments!)
  • Kiko's Diner (Sanrio Cafe.. dang it never got to post this! The loco moco wasn't half bad either)
  • Fat Angelo's at ATT4Fun (that was fast :/)
  • Capone's 
  • Piazza (damn, never got to blog about this one either)
  • Snow King Ice Cream (closed its 60+ year old location in Ximen, will reopen this fall)
  • Macaroni Grill (only been there once since they moved to Minsheng E Road. there have also been a ton of new great Italian restaurants opened since then. but thank you Macaroni Grill for filling a hole for American Italian food in Taipei when you opened)

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