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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Singaporean: I strongly recommend REGENT CHILI CRAB

[TAIPEI]🌶🦀 Chili crab > hairy crab  especially with mini fried mantous to dip in the sauce.

More sweet than spicy, it was SO good and satisfying to eat. I know it’s hairy crab season, but this has more meat and is easier and faster with less work especially with the claw shells cracked already. 

Would totally eat this again and recommend trying especially at the current takeaway price NT$1980. Thank you @regenttaipei for the treat.

The only other place I’ve had chili crab in Taipei was at Jumbo a few years ago when they first opened and the service was so awkward and lackluster I never went back, especially at the premium prices they were charging. This way you can get messy and gluttonous in the privacy of your own home (I devoured both claws and half the crab in no time) and use the leftover sauce to stir fry noodles or something (my sauce is in the fridge waiting for inspo). 


Anonymous said...

Crab very good!!Have you eaten Vietnamese lobster yet? That's great. From Crab Seafood

Anonymous said...

i love chilli crab!! thank you for sharing

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