Thursday, July 10, 2008

CLOSED! dessert/bakery: i recommend the cheesecake from AGORA GARDENS

CLOSED a/o 2/2012
No. 68, Sung-Kao, Rd.
(02) 8780-5168


visit reviewed: 6/30/2008


Creamy. Sweet. Melt in your mouth soft. Topped with strawberries and white chocolate.

Perfect for summer.

My good friend is moving back to the states after living here for a few years. I'm so sad to see her go, but I'm grateful to have had such a good friend while we were both figuring out Taipei and able to try out new places together for lunch. I also know I'll see her again.

And like a good friend, she brought me dessert despite her busy packing, moving, taking care of last minute things schedule at our last meet up. She said she really enjoyed it when she tried it before and thought I would like it too.

And she was right.

If you like cheesecake, this is a really good option. And I looove cheesecake. Sweeter and creamier than the Japanese style cheesecakes here, but softer and less dense than a typical NY style cheesecake.

I've been having a bit of writer's block lately, but hope to resume posting a few times a week again. Especially since the blog has turned 3 years old! So a little cake for a belated birthday.

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