Friday, July 25, 2008

bakery/snack: i recommend CHOCOLATE MUFFIN from STARBUCKS

near Zhong Xiao E Road and Dun Hua S Road intersection

website: Unfortunately, Chinese only


Visit reviewed: 7/24/2008

I swore off all the baked goods from Starbucks after my terrible experiences with their cakes the last year. But then when I was craving chocolate chip cookies, my cousin surprised me with chocolate muffins from Starbucks.

I was hesitant to like it, but once I sank my teeth into them (yes, she got me TWO), I was happy. It is definitely like eating mini chocolate cake and I always love the TOP of the muffins.

So I was craving a chocolate muffin yesterday, but they were sold out.

I ended up trying their *new* Banana Walnut Muffin (NT$60). It seemed smaller than the chocolate (but it's probably the same size) and tasted like you'd expect it to- dense, banana/nutty, sweet- but didn't live up to the "must eat" addictiveness of the chocolate muffin, therefore not worth the high price tag, unless you are in a pinch for breakfast at your business meeting at Starbucks.

Plus reminded me a bit of the Costco banana muffins (while the Costco chocolate muffins were not as delicious as the Starbucks chocolate muffins) SIGH!

At least they redeemed themselves from the terrible pastries I had the last time.

So I definitely recommend their chocolate muffin- moist, with chocolate chunks, devoured in one sitting with only some regrets afterwards, and then wanting to eat another one! I'll try to get a picture of it next time!


FarAway said...

Spot on! Heated up a little, they're just like warm gooey cake right out of the oven. Absolutely the best western-style baked good to be found in Taipei, and you never have to wander far to find one!

ellenglo said...

i used to love their tsa shao baked buns.. they were so unique and so good! i'm not sure if they still have it anymore though...

joanh said...

farfromfrostburg: I will have to heat mine up next time. MM

ellenglo: sometimes I do spot seasonal things there, like egg rolls.. haven't tried their cha shau buns though!

Sera said...

I did see the new banana walnut in the display. I tried the blueberry muffin beside it and it was so good. I'll try the chocolate muffin next~

Galyn said...

My son is a missionary there in Taipei and his birthday is coming up. Is there any place there where I can order a birthday cake for him that would be close to an American type? I'd appreciate your advice. Also, would they provide a delivery service? Thanks,

Unknown said...

I am a big fan of the Blueberry Muffins at Starbucks here. I have them quite often, but made the mistake of trying one at the Hong Kong airport starbucks... it was definitely not as good.

Anonymous said...

omg! i love starbucks' chcoolate muffin in taiwan! my friends and i went absolutely gaga over them when we visited taiwan a month ago. it was as you said, like chocolate cake but as a muffin.