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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

snack/chinese: ALMOND TOFU

You've probably seen the jelly in a cup, even with fruit suspended inside. But I bet you haven't seen this! Pre cut almond tofu with fruit IN A BAG! :)

One reason that I enjoy living in Taiwan is that it is a SNACK city. There are always lots of different kinds of snacks everywhere- hot, cold, on the street, in 7-11, cute, practical, salty, sweet. I'll try and take more pictures of the various snacks or types of snacks that are more unusual, though you can find lots of them in Asian supermarkets, like Ranch 99 or Nijiya or Marukai or even Famima!, in the states now.

I was really really tempted to buy it, especially since I really like almond tofu. But I didn't know if I wanted to spend NT$109/US$3 on it... even though it probably could have filled a couple of bowls.

I was uploading pictures for new reviews and spotted this. So while I'm procrastinating and typing this at 1 in the morning, I kind of wish I had bought it so I could have it as a cold snack. But then again, maybe it's better that I didn't. *Sigh. Oprah says no eating after 9pm (or however many hours before you sleep).

Maybe I'll head over to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi's supermarket in A4 tomorrow to give it a try. Do you think it'll taste good?


Ron Wu said...

I can't read Japanese so can't tell what kind of yellow fruit that is in the bag (peach? papaya?). If nothing else, you have plenty of sugar water ;)

joanh said...

ron wu: i think they were mandarin oranges (like you'd find in chinese chicken salads)... the sugar water keeps everything from being smushed! :)

Simon houdinet said...

You have to ty it! That's sooooooo good!! (in my memory, it is..)

ayl said...

I love the smell of the almond drink. For some reason, they always make it outside of RT-Mart. I dunno about the almond flavour tofu though. In Toronto I usually get the regular flavour dou hua or mango flavoured one and eat them like snack packs. (They thoughtfully perforate the package into 2!)

But in Taiwan I would go for the "ju ruo" option.

Anonymous said...

Is it in a resealable bag? Because if it is, then I'd be sold on it!