Thursday, October 30, 2008

where can you find halloween in Taipei?


hello hungry readers!

Just wondering if any of you out there could share information about Halloween events going on this year in Taipei.. restaurant events, costume parties, or kids events? (BTW, Costco has a ton of bulk Halloween candy- snickers, m & m's, etc)

I see some decorations here and there and have heard about kids being able to trick or treat through McD's?? But I thought the best way to find out would be to ask you guys!

Maybe you're not in Taipei, but say hi and let me know what your favorite kind of candy is or what you're going to be for Halloween this year!
Happy haunting!


Tina said...

your site is amazing. thank you for the mexican food references, which we have been looking for for awhile.

and that link you sent me is hilarious! i can totally picturing my mom writing/saying about 80% of the things on there. :)

Nicole Yeh said...

If you're interested in some latin flair this Halloween, there's a Halloween salsa party this Friday! Even if you don't dance salsa, there's going to be a costume contest, and you can simply go have a drink or two and watch people dance!

Thanks for the post. I'd like to know if there's any other Halloween events too!


joanh said...

tina: thanks!! i'm jealous you've been to el gallo! i have to find some time to go. i'm also glad you had a good experience at La Casita.. they are not always so nice.

nicole yeh: thanks! yeah.. too bad no one else is sharing!

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A friend of mine told me that Halloween in Tapei is very particular because people love eating more than pieces of candy. In fact, most of the people prepare what they call Halloween dinner party.


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