Thursday, October 09, 2008

dessert/bakery: i strongly recommend the chocolate ganache cake from POZZO

at San Want Hotel
172 Chung Hsiao E Rd, Sec 4
(02) 2772-2121 ext. 2126


hours: 7AM- 10PM

$- $$

Kid friendliness: although not cutesy, the flavors will satisfy any kid

Visit reviewed: 8/5/2008
Last reviewed: 9/28/2006

I've eaten a lot of chocolate cake in my lifetime. Maybe too much. Okay, wait, you can never have too much chocolate cake right?

Most of the chocolate cakes you'll find in Taipei are a light, almost angel cake version of what chocolate cake should be. No fudge-y-ness, no decadence, no love. So if you've been searching for something you can sink your teeth into and use up your calories for the week, then look no further than the chocolate cake with chocolate ganache from Pozzo.

Now before you tell me about the chocolate cake from BLACK AS CHOCOLATE or AWFULLY CHOCOLATE (which I ended up trying a few days after eating this cake), I have to say they have a lot of similarities, but I actually like this cake better (and it's also slightly bigger and quite a bit cheaper). The 8 inch round cake (NT$520) is definitely sweet (but not sickenly so), rich with dark chocolate notes, dusted with cocoa powder, and the ganache makes it decadently equally creamy and chocolate tasting. After eating one slice, you are very tempted to have another. Actually typing up this review and looking at these photos, I almost want to go out and buy another cake to eat.

If you don't pick up a cake from Pozzo, you should browse their bakery selection. I also had a slice of their chestnut cake the other day (NT$500+) and it was pretty good too, one layer with pudding and the other with chestnuts in frosting, but not as awesome as the chocolate ganache.

It's THAT good. Pick one up for the next birthday, mother's day, Valentine's day or chocolate-craving day and let me know what you think!

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Roger said...

Ya know what? I do believe I'm able to single-handedly tuck away that cake! I never learned the concept of sharing in Kindergarten ;D

Man it looks so good.

joanh said...

roger: the kind of reader I'm looking for! one who can eat without regrets, right? :)

Sera said...

my boyfriend would love this.
is pozzo an italian shop?

joanh said...

sera: no.. Pozzo is the bakery at San Want hotel.. I'd say more Japanese/Chinese.