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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

not taipei/los angeles: IHOP

Did anyone miss me? I was in LA and again was too busy eating, in meetings, cleaning and working to catch up on my posts. SIGH!

But I'm back in Taipei, discovered some new places that have popped up while I was gone and should have some weekly posts again soon.

Somehow with the jetlag, I always end up at IHOP the first day or two when I return to LA. It's open early, the pancakes are fluffy and it's near my house. But it seems the prices have gone up in the past few years, or maybe everything has slowly creeped up. Can you say $4 gas? Crazy! There are a lot of little cafes that have breakfast/brunch that are cheaper and even tastier, but maybe not open at 6am.

I also ate at some new places that friends recommended that you should try if you are in the LA area- get the carne asada plate at PACO's TACOS on Centinela, the $1.25 tacos or a $5 burrito from TACO AZTECA (so cheap and good) or even better, anything from family friendly LA CABINITA (long wait but worth it!) in Glendale.

Notice any common thread of what I stocked up on while I was not in Taipei? Haha.

Yesterday when I first got back to Taipei, I headed to get some hot shao bing- yo tiao or chinese fried doughnut sticks inside a sesame flatbread, with some fresh sweet soy milk or do jiang. There's a little busy place near the intersection of Song De Road and Xin Yi Road, that has great Chinese breakfast.

So look forward to my catch up posts. Here are some of the places on my to-do list that I'm looking forward to getting done:

- PAUL (French bakery and cafe)
- the chocolate cake from POZZO

See you soon!


Ron Wu said...

welcome back, I figured you maybe on vacation or something.
Have you tried the dou-jiang-dian on the corner of ruei-an-jie and fu-shin-nan-lu? Their sweet rice roll (fan-tuan) are to die for. They roll the whole fresh yo-tiao in it.

KevCheng said...

Yeah, everyone wants Mexican and Korean food while in LA.

Try this place next time, I hear it's amazing:

Anonymous said...

i was definitely stalking your blog, wondering when you'd come back to post. welcome back!

joanh said...

ron wu: mm.. that sounds pretty good. i don't totally get the (fan tuan) for breakfast thing, but it sounds pretty good with a whole yo tiao in it!

kevcheng: i don't venture out to weho that much, but i did have some amazing korean food too in LA that i will have to mention

anonymous: thanks!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Taiwan! I saw Akasaka Ramen on your list, and I've never tried the ones in Taipei but the one in Tokyo near my office is AWESOME. The regular ramen is a rich chicken broth-based soup that's almost too rich. In Tokyo they have a version with Korean kimchi on top, but the spice doesn't seem to go well with the soup.