Monday, December 01, 2008

happy december!

hi! Just a shout out to my 11 (count them, eleven! Yay!) followers and other readers (especially the ones that let me know you're reading by leaving comments! :) out there.. If you want to get regular updates as soon as I post them, just click on the "Follow this blog" on the bottom right side panel.

Thanks to everyone who has ever stopped by or regularly read my blog... I have many more posts/new restaurants coming and walking around town, I'm always thinking, there are wayyy to many places to eat and blog about!

I am also thinking about doing something special for end of the year, like a Top 10 list or survey or something, but I would love to hear from you guys too about what your favorite restaurants/finds in Taipei are.. So once I gather my ideas together, I'll post up the categories. It could be a lot of fun, but I'll definitely need y'alls help!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear- what were you looking for when you first ended up at my blog and/or any recommendations from the blog that is now a part of restaurant crawl?


Anonymous said...

YES! I second a top ten list. Maybe do a top ten Chinese and then a top ten everything else. Or maybe top tens by price (cheap, mid, expensive)?

of course, eventually that becomes a lot of top tens ...

Thanks for commenting, I luuuv your blog - it's been very useful.

Anonymous said...

hey, I just moved to Taipei two months ago, and your blog has been essential reading. I have it RSSed and check it all the time. My girlfriend and I have eaten at multiple places you've posted and you have been spot on about just about everything. I miss my American breakfast and the Diner was an amazing recommendation. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

a hungry girls guide to taipei is a fantastic blog. I'm not an RSS'er but oh, I love passing by every now and then just to whet my appetite. Keep on posting... please.

Anonymous said...

leslie: yeah.. top tens get long, like my poll list.. hope you'll participate!

anonymous: i'm glad. I was very happy to discover the Diner in Taipei too!! hope to hear from you again and that you can vote for your favorites so far!

stephen: thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cornbread shoutout! Grandma Nitti's had no cornbread and I'd have to say the offering is literally identical to that of Jake's Country Kitchen's, where I went for turkey day '07 and came away not too impressed.

I stumbled upon your site when I first moved to Taiwan (from Atlanta) for work. My dining experience in Taiwan at the time was limited to either 1. American chains (Friday's, Chili's, etc) and 2. Random Taiwanese street foods. Thanks to the width and depth of your recommendations, which I've been stalkerishly following for the past year or so, have been most helpful in getting my foodie fix.

Looking forward to the best-of list!

(Have you tried sour cabbage and pork hot pots?)

joanh said...

cornbread chris: hahaha.. i like the name. pork and sour cabbage hot pots sound good! where is that? i have to improve on my random chinese eateries, but usually i forget the business card or don't know where they are to blog about them. i hope you list your favorites on the poll!! (you've been here a year, you must have some!)

Norm said...

Hey I read too! I get the content through Bloglines so have never commented but I do read. When we go to Taiwan we're not at all concerned about non-Asian food so my vote would be nothing but Asian, and in fact you can leave the Japanese off that list because we're very focused when we go :)

Keep up the good work.

joanh said...

norm: well, thanks for commenting! i will try and do more Chinese places, though I tend to go to the same ones over and over. And I just can't eat Chinese all the time. :)

emcharlotte said...
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emcharlotte said...

you def have more than 11 readers!! i love your blog too, esp. b/c i'm a vegetarian and you make a point of going to veg places or noting their veg options. thanks!! if you're ever looking for a dining partner...i love to eat :) also, quick ? for all my commonwealth friends, do you know where to get a nice christmas dinner? it'd be amazing (though highly unlikely) if you know of a place that does poppers or christmas pudding. or...and this is even MORE of a stretch...latkes (potato pancakes) and apples sauce? again, great blog! (and i was serious about the loving to eat thing...if you ever need a vegetarian ebert for your siskel)


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