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Sunday, November 30, 2008

costco/dessert: i strongly recommend JULIE's ORGANIC ICE CREAM SANDWICHES

No. 268 Jiu Zong, Sec 1
Nei-Hu, Taipei
(02) 8791-0110


hours: 10:00 am - 9:30 pm

Kid friendliness: they're organic! but still taste the same

Visit reviewed: 10/24/2008

Sadly, I haven't seen apple pie or cake donuts at Costco in awhile, but if you're like me and you like to eat ice cream when it's cold out, you should definitely pick up a box of Julie's Organic Ice Cream sandwiches.

I had passed by them for many months, but after hearing from a friend that they were good, I decided to pick up a box. It works out so it's about US$1 a sandwich- a lot more than a box would cost in LA, but about the price you would pay for any ol' ice cream from 7-11. Plus with Haagen Daaz ice cream bars running around NT$100 these days, this was a bargain.

And I'm glad I did! It tasted just like the classic ice cream sandwich, with the melt in your mouth chocolate wafer.

I had tried a local brand of ice cream sandwich awhile back and it was not good- the wafer was dry and crumbly and the ice cream was too sweet. It was so bad I couldn't get past 2 bites, believe it or not.

avoid this brand!

looks promising right?


Anonymous said...

I like the packaging on the one the brand that doesn't taste as good! Oh, well! Guess you can't have everything!

joanh said...

Jenn: i know!!! Looked so promising, didn't it??

Anonymous said...

I walk by and ponder those Julie bars all the time, but it is so much to bring home!

joanh said...

the Taipei Kid: yeah! I thought so at first too, but they keep for awhile in your freezer and you can share them with friends! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Joan,
Julie's ice cream sandwiches are our favorite, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, glad I ran into this site (from Forumosa no less); my girlfriend and I have been looking for US style Ice Cream Sandwiches forever! I've also tried the other brand and agree it was a big disappointment. Looks like I'm making a Costco run soon ;-)

joanh said...

dieselmix82: their berry popsicles are good too!

anonymous: LOL.. I guess I wasn't the only one suckered by the packaging. Glad to have helped! :) Hope you guys will comment on your fave restaurants!!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend loves to eat sandwiches he is like a little boy every time that we do to the market he can avoid to buy it.

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