Wednesday, December 09, 2009

news: vote vote vote

hi everyone!

I know there are more of you out there itching to vote for your favorite restaurants in Taipei! Don't hold out on me! If you've ever found last year's Best of Taipei list useful, or my blog, please do share a few of your favorites so it's not just people I know! Even if you've only visited, it's great to know what you loved and where you would eat at again.

Also, I'm in the running for Taiwan Best Blog Awards.

If I've helped you find a new place (or three) to eat, or you enjoy drooling over stinky tofu or shaved ice from afar, please take 5 seconds to vote for my blog by clicking on the plus sign.Voting is allowed once every 24 hours from the same computer.



dennis said...

voted for you, well deserved. keep it up plz Joan!

joanh said...

dennis: thanks for the vote and encouragement!


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