Thursday, December 31, 2009

where can you find... restaurants near 101 to watch Taipei New Year's Eve fireworks afterwards?

Happy new year!

Wherever you are celebrating New Year's Eve, whether it's with the hordes of people in drizzling rain near the 101 Fireworks in Taipei, listening to Mayday, Wang Lee Hom and SHE in front of Taipei City Hall tonight, or celebrating at home with family and friends in front of the TV, have a happy and healthy new year!

I can't believe it's going to be 2010!

If you are looking for last minute place for dinner for Taipei's New Years Eve in the 101 area, you can browse the this label. Everything will probably be packed and crazy, but it's worth a shot if you want to party it up. Keep in mind, there will be a ton of street vendors out tonight though so you can nosh your way through the night too. And of course, you don't have to be in the immediate area to see the fireworks, you can have a great view from across the river in Dazhi or Miramar too.

Here are the eateries in the 101 area off the top of my head- you can search the name in the upper left hand box for the review/number.

Neo 19 building (these eateries are usually packed on weekends, 1 hour plus wait without reservations, probably even crazier tonight)
-Macaroni Grill
-Ton Sushi
-Momo Paradise
-new Thai place spotted

Vieshow building
-Food court
-Bellini Pasta Pasta

-Thai Town
-Saboten tonkatsu
-Liang Ban Jia Korean BBQ
-Shanghai Shanghai
-Chun Tsui Tang
-Gordon Biersch

NYNY building
-Food court
-Cafe Grazie
-Suzette Crepes

-Jiu Riu
-Crystal Spoon Thai
-Shinyeh 101
-Food court

-L'Atelier Robuchon
-Ton Sushi
-Food court

Grand Hyatt Hotel
-Ziga Zaga
-Pearl Liang

nearby 101
-Chez Jimmy
-Joyce East
-NY Bagel
-Da Fang Teppanyaki
-Agora Garden Hotel
-Brown Sugar
-Xinyi Eslite Mall

I'm curious if any of you readers are eating out here tonight and if so, what are the crowds/wait like?


EatTravelEat said...

Happy New Year to you :). I had NYE dinner at home and ordered take out- many other people were doing the same thing.

2010 came by too fast. I clearly remember back then on my first visit to Beijing nine years ago when I saw ads for the 2008 Olympics. I never thought it would happen soon, and look at where we are today! Too fast.

MohrorLes said...

Our first NYE in Taipei and we spent it from a rooftop of a friend's place on Xin Yi section5. It was perfect! Not so perfect was then navigating our way back to Shilin. We left Xin Yi via the Dun Hua MRT at 1:40, thinking most of the crowds had dissipated...not so! We made it to the Taipei Main Station at 2:15, where we ran into a couple who had left the Taipei City Hall Station at 12:15 and had JUST arrived at the Main Station at 2:15. It was CRAZY....but a night to be remembered. The weather was perfect and the night was awesome!

Carrie said...

Hey Hungry Girl,

I just wanted to stop by and extend my best wishes for 2010. Your blog is a Taipei cornerstone in my opinion and I can't wait to see what wonderful food adventures you'll have in the coming year.

Anonymous said...


For a cheaper alternative, I suggest going to the Tong Hua Street Night Market for yummy and cheap street food before heading to the Tong Hua Street and Xinyi Road intersection. Head to the bus stop and just plant yourself there cos you get a brilliant view of Taipei 101. Its not exactly closeup though but you can see everything. I did that this/last (2009) year and it was really fun. But be sure to get there before 1130pm cos the traffic stops moving (means that there's no way to get to that area other than by foot if you come any later). Hope your holidays have been good! :)

joanh said...

eatTraveleat: haha! i know, it really doesn't feel like it should be 2010 already.

mohrorles: that sounds so fun!

carrie: thanks so much for your kind comment. happy new year!

weilingweling: that's a great suggestion, thanks for sharing! :) there are quite a few places that you can see the fireworks from all over Taipei, and you'll have a lot to eat at Tonghua :)

Anonymous said...

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