Friday, June 24, 2011

happy blogiversary to me! six years and counting..

Happy 6 year blogiversary to me!! It's been six years since I first started a hungry girl's guide to Taipei and had no idea where to go or what to eat. Now I'm happy to have a mental map in my head, have my favorites on speed dial and still be discovering, eating and enjoying the awesome food in Taipei. I hope you are still enjoying reading, whether you live in Taipei or are just drooling over the food from afar, whether you've been lurking for years or just found it today! 

A lot has changed in the Taipei restaurant scene, the blog and my own life since I've started HungryInTaipei, and I look back fondly on the archives with no regrets.

I'm headed to LA in a few days, bur don't worry, I've been writing up a storm so that when I'm away, trying to get Ludobites 007 reservations, waiting in food truck lines, running around the OC County Fair, and eating red velvet cupcakes, there will still be new posts to look forward to every week. Plus, I probably won't be able to resist mobile blogging some of my LA (And OC/NY/Hawaii) eats here and on my Facebook and twitter.

Don't forget to leave comments on restaurant posts that you've found useful and share your experiences and favorite dishes, and especially if you a suggestion for a place I should try!!


kirbie said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Valerie said...

Happy Blogiversary!
A four-year follower of your blog, I am moving to Los Angeles soon... I hope you post lots from SoCal!!

TiFF TuMS said...

Wow, 6 years? I hope to see you still in another 6 years! Happy Blogiversary!

Simon houdinet said...

thank you for everything!

Christine said...

Congrats Joanh! Happy blogiversary!

tt said...

Congratulations! Having personally tried (and failed) at food blogging, I know what a commitment it is. For you to have gone six years, and to have as many followers as you do, is really something. Six more years! :)

Siew Mei said...

hello eileen =D

Anonymous said...

LA eats!

umami burger
nobu matsuhisa
the boiling crab
OC fair of course :)
bottega louie (macaroons)

Su-Lin said...

Happy blog birthday! Gosh, I really need to get to Taipei one day...(you eat very very well! :D )

Agatha said...

Your blog is AMAZING. A friend told me about it the week I got to Taipei and since then (one year ago) I've used many many times. Your blog made me more confident about trying new restaurants and reminded me the taste of food from home when I needed. Thanks a lot! And happy blogiversary!

MJW mama said...

Happy blogiversary!!

joanh said...

thanks everyone!!

kirbie- thanks! i still enjoy reading your blog so much!

valerie- thanks!! hope you get to eat all the good stuff in LA!

tiff tums- haha, i can't imagine if i'm still blogging in another 6 years! maybe!!

simon houdinet- thank you for reading!

christine- thank you!!

tt- thank you! it's never to late to start back up! haha

anonymous- good list! I haven't tried bottega louie yet!

su-lin- thanks! hope you get to visit Taipei soon too!

agatha- thank you so much! hope it's helped make your move a little easier.

mjw mama- thank you!!


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