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Saturday, June 11, 2011

my kitchen: banana nutella cornbread waffles

I've been addicted to making my waffles with Trader Joe's Cornbread mix lately after discovering it makes the perfect crispy waffle. So today I decided to warm up some nutella in the microwave to drizzle on top with sliced bananas and it was decadent. It's surprising what you can put in the waffle maker- blueberry muffin mix, chocolate chip cookie mix- it makes all the sides nice and crispy for those of us who like eating the muffin tops- and cooks up a lot faster too!

And after making a few waffles, there's enough batter to put in the oven for cornbread.

Or add in some regular waffle batter to extend the cornmeal and put in the fridge for another morning.

I'm sure any cornbread mix would work, but I love the sweetness and texture of Trader Joes enough to bring boxes back. Haven't spotted cornbread mix of any brand in Taipei- has anyone found it in Taipei?


CGM said...

trader joe's in TPE?

Johnny said...

Apparently, you're also addicted to bananas and chocolate.

Anne said...

Hi.. City Super has cornbread mix (I think it is Betty Crocker, if I remember correctly) and I've seen Jiffy before too. Probably not as good as Trader Joe's, but passable with some tweaking.

joanh said...

CGM- i wish! i haul back all my trader joes goodies when i come back from LA or have relatives coming to visit.

johnny- i think you're right!!! never noticed that before. hahah

anne- ooh, thanks for sharing. i'll have to remember that for when i run out of my stash