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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

CLOSED snapshot/dessert: i still strongly recommend YOFROYO

One way to beat the heat is with some frozen yogurt. Yofroyo seems to still be going strong and added specialty flavors, acai berry and lychee tart to the line up.

Spotted some new locations, including at Q Square & Ximending, and heard the tiny one in Gongguan closed awhile back.

This is combo #1 with original tart, though I tend to favor the green tea/red bean combo too.


Gabrielle said...

Oh man I dream of Yofroyo! It was probably the very best treat I had while visiting Taipei. I wish they had them in Canada! frozen yogurt with little blobs of lychee jelly and mochi would be an excellent addition to my new food group pyramid :)

joanh said...

gabrielle: thanks for commenting! i love yofroyo too.. do they have similar froyo in canada where you live?

dmo580 said...

this is my friend's shop. i just visited last night and talked to him. the shida (not gongguan) location is still open. it's the original store.

this is definitely something interesting. to me pinkberry is still #1. yofroyo uses taiwanese milk which makes it a little different. the owner himself admitted its slightly different than the traditional tart in the US. However I like the creations and consistency of the froyo

joanh said...

Dmo580: hi! Thanks for your comment. I know the Shida original location is still open. There was a tiny shop in Gongguan that opened after the Shida location but closed sometime last year. I think the flavors are good, as well as the portions for the prices- much more than Pinkberry and happy to have it in Taipei- though I have to admit when I'm in LA I'm more of a yogurtland fan

Anonymous said...

Lived in Shi-da area 3 years ago, and before I moved from there, it was closed. RIP one of the best cold treats in taipei.