Monday, June 13, 2011

snapshot/Chinese: ZONG ZI

Last week during Duan Wu Jie was time for these pockets of sticky rice filled with savory or sweet. My friend spent hours making these to share with us- stuffing the sticky rice with abalone, egg, fatty pork, mushrooms and chestnuts and then wrapping them in bamboo leaves.

Do you have a favorite place to buy zong zi from, or do you make them at home with your family? I had a chance to make them a few years ago, but when the craving hits I usually go to Jiu Ru or Little Shanghai, though I'm sure everyone likes their mom/grandma/family's version the best. When my mom used to make them when we were little, she would put in extra mushrooms for me since she knew I liked that part the best.


Chris said...

王記府城肉粽 is my favorite!

Expat Arrivals said...

Hmmm - I know I'm imposing on this post, but couldn't find another way of contacting you. Apologies in advance. I'm the editor of Expat, a site devoted to developing comprehensive destination guides aimed at easing expat transitions abroad. Just wondering if you'd be interested in being interviewed (via email questionnaire) about your experience in Taiwan. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Anonymous said...

My mom made ours every year and this year I learned to make them too!!

Judy @ Foodie Dreams said...

When I was little, we used to make them every year - I still remember mum making them and me helping :)

Now that we're all grown up, and there are few of us eating at home, we just buy a few come the appropriate time of year...

On a semi-separate note though, there's a Vietnamese version of zong zi - they're much bigger and have awesome fillings. Give it a try if you can find them in Taipei :)

joanh said...

chris- never had it! will have to try it, thanks for sharing!

expat arrivals- no worries.. i have my email listed on the side nav bar as well.. go ahead and email me the questions and i'll try my best to answer them

sparklewolfie- that's awesome! i'm sure they were yummy!

judy- i know, same here.. it's too much work for our moms to do it now that we are "grown up"... i've never heard of a vietnamese version.. that's cool!

Pandalicious said...

mm zong zi. i don't buy them here in LA, but my mom used to get them all the time from the market.

Anonymous said...

I ate my first zong zis last week when I was in Taipei! My first Duan Wu Jie ever :) I prefer the salty one but the sweet one was also good :)

I had a great food experience while I was in Taiwan for the first time - only the stinky tofu wasn't so... ehm.. eatable.

-Sanna from Finland

Anonymous said...

Now I'm craving for some real zong zi here in the US. The ones here even in the Chinese groceries just don't compare to the real thing in Taiwan. My favorite ones that were bought always came from the local morning market, but the best IMO were always my maternal grandmother's. They'd taste *right* and have no peanuts in them (since I'm allergic and they tend to be in most bought zong zi).

Guess it might be time for me to learn how to make my own.

Anonymous said...

Try 四喜 at da an road. It's on the 2nd floor above Jimmy's bubble tea. Famous with locals.


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