Wednesday, July 04, 2012



McD's has summer drink menu featuring fruit flavored soda floats, including grape, strawberry and mango and costs only a little more to add to your meal. So today at the Taipei Zoo, given the insane blazing heat, I was brainwashed into trying the peach soda float and eating a quarter pounder without cheese which I haven't had in years. Between McD's and Burger King, I personally prefer the Whopper since you get a tomato, onions and bigger pickles, as well as more sauce. As for the soda float, it was like what you'd expect, a sweet, cold, fizzy drink that turned creamy when the ice cream got mixed in. Creamsicle soda.

Speaking of McDonalds, there'a an interesting video that answers the question of "why doesn't my McD's burger look like the one on the ad?" The video gives a peek behind the scenes at food styling for advertisements. I admit, for a split second, I was surprised that there were no tomatoes in my burger, but another glance on the box revealed the red was just ketchup. Tricky.

McD's also has the Monopoly game thing going on, but you only get stickers when you buy a combo meal.

It was so hot I had to get another drink at the snack shacks- in this case a honey lemonade with boba. They have a more limited selection than most 50 Lan, but I guess it's better than nothing!


Ken said...

Years ago, one of my housemates (artist) told me that it was standard practice literally to paint the food to make it photograph better! I guess the results look better than a Photoshop-edited digital shot...

Crack You Whip said...

I did notice that the food looks different...very interesting!

Buddha Boy said...

Fruit soda floats at McD's sounds good, i'll have to give it a try. My wife and I went to the zoo last week, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any elephants or kangaroos to be seen, but other than that, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.


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