Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy mooncake festival!

Happy mid-autumn festival! Who's been bbq'ing or eating mooncakes? 

Thanks to all my friends who gave me mooncakes! I've been admiring all the different packaging (Sherwood Hotel) and not sure how to feel about the new wave of flavors (chocolate, XO sauce, raspberry with rose petals?! instead of the traditional paste with egg yolk)... 

But one thing is undebateable and that's how amazing and full the moon looks! Be sure to take the time for some moon gazing in person, but don't point at it! (Why? It's an old Chinese superstition that I remember hearing growing up, and once I did point at the moon and got what felt like a papercut near my ear the next day or after. True story!)


Taipei Geek said...

Unfortunately I am in Europe, so I have to skip the pavement kao rou :P

kirbie said...

Wow, I was wondering what some of the new flavors were. I love that they come out with new stuff. It's always the same boring stuff here.

Christine said...

We had quite the feast this past weekend. Nothing finishes off a meal better than the soup that we make. Of course, afternoon tea with moon cakes is also great too. Happy holidays Joan!


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