Wednesday, October 17, 2012

afternoon tea/fusion: MIA CAFE

MIA CAFE 米兒咖啡洋食館
No. 235-2, Dunhua S. Rd, Sec. 1 
(02) 2741-8080

MRT: ZhongXiao Dunhua

hours: 11:30 AM - 10 PM 


Kid friendliness: lots of space, seating area on second floor with stairs only.

Visit reviewed: 9/25/2012

Mia Cafe sits across from the Dunhua Eslite bookstore, a gleaming storefront at the base of one of those new high rise office/apartment buildings. The first floor holds only the dessert shop area, for people who might want to browse and takeaway. Diners head up to the cafe on the second floor, where the hostess asks if you have a reservation or not. We didn't have reservations, but luckily there were still some tables in the quite full space.

Small yellow chandeliers adorn the large open room seating area, while a large bar is the face of the kitchen where the drinks and food come out. 

I had heard nothing about Mia Cafe, only spotted it in passing, so the fusion menu was a surprise to me.

On the first few pages were sushi rolls, chirashi bowls and Japanese food which was unexpected for a ladies who lunch cafe. Then after some rice/pasta/noodles there were pages and pages of desserts - photos of fat hotcakes, fruit tarts, macarons, macaron cakes, ice cream, cakes, and coffee and tea.

If I wasn't so full, I might have ordered a roll or two. They were doing a photo shoot in the corner and we could see styled plates being shuttled over to the photographer.

Sweet or "sabory" hotcakes which looked like overfed pancakes masquerading as desserts. There were of course, also waffles.

The fresh fig and peach tarts looked interesting and something I might try if I came again.

Cold or hot coffees, lattes, cocoas and teas are available as well as smoothies, yogurt drinks and fresh juices.

I had just finished lunch with my cousin at a Sanuki udon shop behind Dunhua Sogo and was quite full, otherwise we were both saying how the rolls looked good.  My cousin ended up ordering an iced coffee and I got the fresh fruit tea (cold) (NT$210).

Presentation wise, the drinks reminded me a bit of Coffee Alley, with a frozen coffee ice cube and serving the drink, milk and sugar syrup on a tray.

The iced fresh fruit tea had the usual super sweet passionfruit and citrus flavor and came in a large carafe with a spoon and straw. I asked for a separate cup to pour my tea into, but I ended up drinking almost the whole thing anyway.

We were both amazed at how crowded it was in the late afternoon, even though the dining room was quite large. It was definitely mostly tables of women, with 1-2 men spotted. Was it the location? The food? The atmosphere?  Maybe it was the fusion and mega dessert menu, offering something for everyone.


emma said...

i heard there is an elevator in the back upon request.

Unknown said...

hey I just wanted to say you have been a great inspiration and because of you I have also started a foodie blog (:

espressophile said...

Rebranded as Mia Patisserie with a reduced menu.

joanh said...

Mia Cafe is now closed and rebranded as M Restaurant