Friday, August 12, 2005

CLOSED/italian: I recommend GUY's CAFE

CLOSED (for a few years I think) updated 6/2009!

No. 105, Da An Road, Sec 1
(02) 2721-2706


I happened to eat at Guy's Cafe for a press luncheon that I was invited to. On this particular day, we could choose 1 of 5 pastas that was on the set menu: Pasta with (1) Clam garlic white wine sauce, (2) spaghetti meat sauce, (3) grilled chicken pesto sauce, (4) bacon mushroom cream sauce or (5) Calamari with squid ink pasta. They all sounded really good, and I decided to go with the grilled chicken pesto pasta.

We started out with a soup, which I'm sorry to say I didn't know what it was, but it was really tasty. It could have been either a seafood bisque or a pumpkin soup- it was reddish orange in color and creamy. The grilled chicken pesto pasta turned out to be a pesto cream sauce, which was just the right amount of cream and flavor. The pasta was the right consistency and all the flavors blended together. I was happy that there were also chopped white mushrooms in this dish. The spaghetti and clam garlic pastas seemed to also be a popular dish and also looked very enticing.

The menu seemed to have a lot of pastas featured- and based on what I ordered, I'd go back and try more dishes. The location is near Sogo, on a alley street behind it and may be tougher to find. The atmosphere is pretty simple and busy, probably a great place for lunch. The service was quick and friendly. My other Italian restaurants have a new competitor for their pasta business! I'll write more if I go again and try out other dishes.


Anonymous said...

RULE No.1 : dont ever eat anything if you dont know what it is.
RULE No.2 : if you really want to try it, let your friend try it first and wait for 15 mins.
RULE No.3 : if you are in Taipei, forget rule no.1. be adventurous.

cant believe there is a restaurant that I havent been to, but Hungry girl has.
boo hoo

Check your credit said...

@J I think your comments are quite funny, especially you let your friend to try first and wait for 15 mins! Geez!