Saturday, September 15, 2007

american/japanese: i recommend ROBIN's GRILL TEPPAN LOUNGE

at Grand Formosa Regent Hotel, 2 FL
41 Chung Shan N. Road, Sec 2

(02) 2523-8000 ext 3930



$$- $$$

Visit reviewed: 5/16/2007

Definitely a place for a special occasion as the prices are a splurge (at least NT$1000/person and average up to NT$3000 a person for set menu dinner) and the service and food can make you feel quite special. From the origami tuxedo napkin to the manager Robin (for whom the restaurant is named) coming by and saying hello- there are little touches at Robin's Grill Teppanyaki that set it apart from other grill places in Taipei. The grill side also has a self serve salad bar as well as a dessert bar that is included in your set menu dinner.

The french onion soup was gorgonzola-ish, beef onion brothy-licious and flavorful while the asparagus appetizer was quite bland and flat for what I expected.

I'd recommend getting the rib eye steaks alone over the surf and turf, as my filet mignon was not as delicate and melt in your mouth orgasmic as my fellow diners. The lobster was also quite ordinary and a bit overcooked, so save all your stomach and plate room for the steak. Whatever cut of prime choice rib eye my friends had that day was probably some of the best red meat I've ever had in my mouth. I was extremely jealous after tasting it in contrast to my own steak because my dish tasted unfocused, like the chef was too busy preparing the lobster AND the steak that he made two so-so dishes instead of one spectacular dish, which their's were. It was worthy of the night out.

The souffle is also beautifully presented, but not as sweet or moist as the ones I've tasted from Joyce East, so unfortunately it wasn't as tasty as it looked. Luckily, we fufilled our sweet tooth with coffee and vanilla ice cream from the dessert bar.

I do want to check out the Teppanyaki portion as I've heard good things about it. They also have large private rooms for parties and families for the teppanyaki part. I know that the regular steak places around town are Ruth Chris (which I haven't been to in Taipei)- so be sure to add this one to your list if you are craving a good rib eye in Taipei. And I think if you were celebrating a special occasion and you told them while you made your reservation, they would be sure to make your night even more special.


Lisa Wang said...

I've only had Teppanyaki here, I didn't even know they had souffle. If you go back for Teppanyaki and want to splurge a bit try the Australian kobe beef, it's REALLY good.

joanh said...

ffc: i think I might try that next time.. :)

Tina Khoe said...

Overrated --- loved the salad and dessert bar for the fresh veggies and wide range of selections, but quite disappointed with the steak. Tried their 8 oz. ribeye steak today. It was pretty thin and merely average. The waiter took their sweet time filling our glasses with Evian that I took charge. It was only then that they decided to help us with our water.

Would suggest Sonoma Teppanyaki instead. Around the same price range with better steaks. Then again, should've maybe ordered their Wagyu beef. If so, maybe it's better. But that would cost around NT$3,000+, and you can get the same good deal at Sonoma for NT$2,800.

Just my .02. :)

hawthorn1990 said...

Try the Australian Wagyu (cooked to chef's specs). It'll cost you a bit (depending on your wage!!), but it is THE BEST wagyu I have ever eaten...and lemme give you the tip - I;ve eaten a fair bit of it in my life!
The self-serve salad bar - not a huge fan of that idea. If I'm paying 10K for steaks and wines with friends, I want stuff brought to my table! That being said, it's my fave Taipei steak house. If you do have the wagyu, you need to eat through it steadily as the rendered fats will start to congeal if you savour it too long and let it go cold!!!