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Friday, September 07, 2007

not taipei/china: random restaurant in Nanjing, China

If something mysterious and fried reaches your plate in the middle of a multi-course meal, would you just dig in or would you ask questions first, eat only after consideration? I'm the second type.

Any guesses to what it was?

Don't know if the lone Lay's chip helps or hurts.

Also, why do they serve noodles/rice at the end of a 8-10 course meal? It's usually the best part and you're too full to eat more than a bite.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

that was a funny post :-)
noodles at the end of teh menu.. well i am used to get what is called an appetizer in western world at the end of the meal here.
it happened quite a lot in taipei when you dont order a set menu that you get the dishes as the witer/kitchen pleases, but not in the traditional order. ;-)

regarding the mystery fry thing:
did u open it? being deep fried it should mean whatever was inside should be dead, so opening it could have helped in solving the mystery ;-))
the noodles looked good though :-)

PS: nice to see new posts again! dont ever leave us so long without updates again ;-))

Ron Wu said...

From just looking at the shape, its like deep fried zong zhi. Or something was wrapped and cooked in bamboo leave. I will guess it was a vegetable dish.

joanh said...

pat: thanks for your comment! i asked what it was actually to see if I wanted to eat it. it was... fried snake!

ron: definitely not vegetable. fried snake!

Anonymous said...

some stuff i really cant get myself to eat. for example snake and frog...

funny thing is: when you ask people how this stuff tastes they ALWAYS tell you it tastes like chicken. regardless what it is ;-))

joanh said...

pat: i know! the tiny bones in frogs and pigeons just creeps me out and even if it tastes like chicken, i'll just eat chicken!

Anonymous said...

According to Nicole Mones, Gourmet magazine correspondent, the serving or a starchy carbohydrate like noodles or rice at the end is to make sure that you are truly full. So that if you only ate lightly during the banquet, the starches would make sure you were sated.
As for snake and frog legs, I had those when I was a youngster in Georgia of USA. Southerners love eating them fried. Tastes just like chicken. Another place was in New York City Chinatown at Happy Buddha. It was snake soup. One of the best soups I've ever had.