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Friday, September 07, 2007

not taipei: what to eat in Toronto?

hey everyone,

Sorry I've been MIA for a little while. I just got into Toronto from Los Angeles and have been ending up eating prettty much bar/American food ever since.


Any recommendations- especially in the downtown area? I see so much diversity around, but not sure where to go. I've also heard rumors about good Peking duck in the Chinatown here?

More to come when I return to Taipei at the end of the month. Unless I eat something spectacular in Toronto!


Unknown said...

hi there! i visit Toronto from CA for work every so often and i keep reading about Sushi Kaji.

Here's a link to someone who loves to eat in Toronto!!

Robyn said...

I was only in Toronto for a few days so I don't have much experience, but I really liked Mother's Dumplings! I'd also recommend Solferino for gelato. Mmmmmmmm...

joanh said...

hi alex: flickr was down so i couldn't see the pictures, but i will look for it!

robyn: this sounds really good.. actually I will see if I can take my folks to both places! thank you!

Christine said...

Hiya, I'd recommend the 'House of Gourmet Seafood, BBQ, Noodle, Congee' place on Dundas Street West. Its not very far from the intersection of Spadina and Dundas.
Here's a map to help you find the place. =),+ON&fb=1&view=text&latlng=43653128,-79397158,9610377212151363735

Anonymous said...

Spring Rolls on 40 Dundas St. West and Yonge


Anonymous said...

Some of my favourite restaurants in Toronto:

Ethiopian House (for super Ethiopian food)
4 Irwin Ave., near Yonge/Bloor

Jodhpore Club (some of the best Indian I've had in the city)
33 Baldwin St., not too far from the Chinatown at Dundas/Spadina

For even more Indian, head into the Little India; it's fairly far east on Gerrard St., around Greenwood Ave.

There's a Little Korea on Bloor St. W., around Clinton Ave. Can't remember any particular restaurants but just head into one that's packed with Koreans and you can't go wrong!