Sunday, January 03, 2010

CLOSED! dessert/french: i strongly recommend SUZETTE (CREPES & GAUFRES)

CLOSED- a/o summer 2010

at NY NY Building (near to McDonald's)
No. 12, Song Shou Road

MRT: Taipei City Hall

website: Chinese only

hours: 11 AM- late


Kid friendliness: roomy patio seating; salty and sweet options available

Visit reviewed: 6/2/09 & 12/25/09

PREFACE: I'm bit annoyed that they weren't selling crepes during the afternoon on 12/31 so that I could buy a few crepes to take some more pictures for this post and nosh on before the New Year's Eve madness- but they were essentially waiting for the night crowds. Why bother even being open and having two people standing around if you aren't selling to paying customers? Anyways- isolated event. So here are the pics I have. End rant. Happy New Year! END PREFACE.

Perfect place for picking up a post-movie snack or catching up with someone in 101's shadow, Suzette is place for those who want a real crepe. If you're like me, then you were in shock at the taste of your first "Taiwan crepe" which was crispy, papery dry and not at all like the velvety crepes back home in the states.

So when I saw the signage for Suzette opening(I thought the name was Crepes Suzette, but I think it's just Suzette), I was beyond excited. Occupying a small outside corner of NYNY (just right around McDonald's), they have quite a few umbrella covered tables for customers to lounge. The location is so perfect for people watching near 101, that they even had VIP reservations available for New Year's Eve for the midnight fireworks.

Crepes are made to order on one of their two crepe hot plates, and there are over 20 kinds available- both sweet (Crepes sucrees and roulees) and savory (Crepes Salees and bechamel) available on their English/Chinese menu. Butter, butter & sugar, nutella, nutella & bananas, apple & cinnamon- all the standards. It's fun to watch them at work while you are waiting for your order. I noticed that the savory crepe I wanted to order didn't have cheese and when I requested to have some added, they agreed without questions.

I was happy that the crepes were a fraction of the price of my former crepe favorite, Mamm Goz, which unfortunately closed down.

I was a bit surprised to see the final result to be rolled up like a burrito, but I am not sure if that's only when it's to-go. The Mushroom, Pork and Egg crepe (NT$150) was good, but nutella crepes were worth coming back for again and again.

That was over six months ago.

When I walked by Suzette after a Christmas day screening of Sherlock Holmes, jonesing for a nutella and banana crepe, I was surprised to see it so crowded at 10pm. After all, every visit I had for a few months over the summer, I was barely their only customer. Tonight it was a 20-30 minute wait after ordering and they were out of Apple Cinnamon crepes (NT$130). I didn't know if it was the holiday crowds in the area, the cold weather, the word of mouth had finally spread, the revamped counter menu with more pictures or the non-Chinese owner/crepe maker making the crepes- or maybe a combination of all the above. Then again, that night was some of the longest lines I'd seen at Burger King, Coldstones and Starbucks.

My banana nutella crepe (NT$80) was warm, gooey and soft- a perfect late night bite while walking home amongst the Christmas lights and cool winter night.


Pierre said...

I went there a couple of times and loved it.

The taste is exactly what a French boy (Bretagne-addicted, moreover) like me is expecting :)
I didn't have a chance to test Mamm Goz but I heard it was very good as well.

Actually, the only problem I had with Suzette is when I heard about it for the first time, I thought it was a restaurant, so I invited a friend of mine for dinner and... surprise! But as you say, it's perfect as a snack place

Yes, it's normal to roll the crêpes, this is what people do on French markets whn you buy some crêpes to go.

Crêpe Suzette is a special kind of flavour, actually: it's a "normal" crêpes with a butter/lemon/orange/grand marnier/sugar sauce... yum!

Debberoo said...

Looks seriously yummie!

BNutz said...

I remember tweeting you about this place after they had just opened - I think I'd wondered around after reading about them from another post you had made! A definite favourite. (^^)

Since then another fluffy 'real' crepe place had opened just behind my workplace. Great friendly bunch people as I often go there for their impressive variety of chocolate drinks. Their crepes aren't bad either.,121.59112

brian said...

mmm looks delicious!

camille said...

I wanted to ask you something, i lived in Taiwan for a year and i used to check your blog almost everyday. Now, I'm not in taipei anymore and I just come once in a while to remind me of taipei.
In on month i'm going for 5 months in Shanghai. So I would like to know if you have favorite restaurants in Shanghai or if you know good food blogs about Shanghai. Thanks so much

Pam Lee said...

i absolutely LOVE your blog :)

Alex C said...

Looks really good.. I might have to try it! Gotta say that I love the blog. I came out to Taiwan a couple days ago and been using it as a food guide since.

joanh said...

Pierre: thanks for your comment! that's good to know about the crepes being rolled- it was my first time seeing that! :)

Debberoo: thanks for reading and for your comment!

Brian Lau: awesome! i'm glad you found it. i will have to check out the one you mentioned!

brian: it was good! :)

camille: hi camille! thanks for your comment. i don't regularly read any blogs in Shanghai-- but i remember checking out and this one looks interesting: . let me know if you find any good ones :)

p.lee: Thank you!! :)

Alex C: thanks for your comment! let me know what your fave finds are.

SinoSoul said...

they took the word "crepe suzette" literally into the name, but rolls 'em up into lil 潤餅 ? Can I get a LOLz? (I just made some 潤餅 for a new years potluck... hence the thought.. which, btw, if you know anywhere to get GOOD hand made 潤餅皮 in LA, I'd be eternally grateful)

yutjangsah said...

I've never been to Taipei but I love crepes and nutella!

Virginia said...

Ever since I had crepe in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower, nothing has come close since then. Going back to Paris again for work, can't wait to get some more crepe!

joanh said...

sinosoul: lolz!!!!!!!

yutjangsah: hope you get to visit taipei someday! i who doesn't love nutella crepes?

virginia: so lucky! i hope to visit paris one day