Wednesday, May 12, 2010

italian: i strongly recommend BIANCO TAIPEI

No. 19, Lane 112, RenAi Rd, Sec. 4
(02) 2325-3655

MRT: Zhongxiao/Dunhua

website: Bianco's Facebook page

hours: M-F 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
SUN/SAT 10 AM- 10 PM


Kid friendliness: no high chairs but roomy in the back dining area

Visit reviewed: 3/18/2010

Bianco offers Italian pastas and risottos in a casual, yet elegant space. When I used to pass by the shop (a number of times) I thought it was a store because from a glance, you can see the shelves of pastas and countertops from the outside.

It wasn't until I was invited to a party there that I discovered that they have a full dining room in the back decked out with mod bubble chandeliers, including a room that could be a private dining space or buffet area for a private party.

The mushroom soup tasted like pureed, creamy mushrooms. I probably could have drank two bowls.

The main dish was just as successful- the truffle risotto had layers of flavors and textures- black pepper, cheese, crunchy asparagus, soft mushrooms, al dente risotto and topped off with flakes of truffles and thin flakes of parmesan. I savored each creamy bite and it felt rich, but not heavy.

Because it was a big party to serve at one time, I gave them a little leeway that my dish took so long to come out. My friend also gave me a bite of her sweet and savory roasted balsamic chicken, which tasted really good while I was waiting. Everyone's pastas and pizzas were so aromatic as they passed me by.

We finished the meal with birthday cake and two mini-scoops of gelato.

Can't beat sampling gelatos while deciding what to get.

Dishes here range from mid NT$200-$400 (or make a set menu) and seems like a popular place for afternoon tea as well with a counter full of cakes and desserts. You can also browse the shelves to buy ingredients to make your own dishes at home. All in all, Bianco is a good addition to the list of casual neighborhood Italian places to have on your list, especially if you are a risotto fan.

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italian said...

I love italy.

thank you so much for great post.

cheer ;)

Anonymous said...

We tried Bianco based on the strong recommendation. The truffle risotto was indeed excellent. However, we found the service a bit lacking. We had a party of three people and all of our dishes came out at different times. Some by over 15 minutes difference. We also ordered the wine set menu and our wine came out when our meal was almost done. When the waiter brought out the lamb chops, he said he would bring the wine right out. It took prompting and another 15 minutes before the wine came. Also, the lamb chops were not very good. We would go back for the Risotto, but would skip on most of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Food: 8/10
(seemed to be hit or miss)

Service: 9.5/10
(helpful, friendly, knowledgeable)

Atmosphere: 8/10
(simple but nice)

Overall Value: 9/10
(bill for 4 was surprisingly affordable)

Other notes: Wine selection could use some improvement.

joanh said...

anonymous: thanks for your comment. i've been to Bianco on follow up visits and yes sometimes the kitchen is slow. I guess when I usually share family style with friends, it's not as big a deal when the dishes don't come out at the same time but when you aren't sharing, then it would be very annoying.

anonymous 2: yes the dishes are definitely hit or miss. my favorites after repeat visits are still the risottos and balsamic glazed chicken and sometimes the pizza.