Thursday, June 14, 2012

revisited/desserts: i recommend VVG BON BON


MRT: Zhongxiao/Dunhua

website: Chinese only

hours: 12PM - 9PM; weekends 11AM - 9PM

$$ (about NT$630/person)

Kid friendliness: no high chairs, lots to see.

Visit reviewed: 4/9/2012
Previous visit reviewed: 7/27/2008

Figuring out a place to throw a baby shower for my friend led us to back to VVG Bon Bon, which I hadn't been for years...

Lots had stayed the same- the princess pink decor, the jars and jars of candy and sweets, rows of cupcakes, and whimsical touches...

But more loungy couch seating areas had been added in the front, like having tea in a hipster friend's living room.

And cupcakes looked fluffier, fancier, slightly bigger. There were also some other desserts, including bread puddings and the divine fudge chocolate marshmallow cake that I loved from the original VVG. 

Turned out to be the perfect place for a baby shower- there was even an adorable baby carriage near our seats that our friends asked us if we brought in. Haha!

The menu had also changed- though there was still four set menus to choose from- this season's sets featured lasagna, Indian styled beef curry pot and rice or burger, and an a la carte menu of pastas and salads.

When we started ordering, the waitress told us that they only certain numbers of certain sets available. I thought it was sort of strange, especially since we were the first customers at lunch and we had made reservations in advance, so they knew we had a large group coming. We worked it out, but I don't know if I'd be annoyed if a set I wanted was sold out.

Each set comes with a soup, salad, drink and cupcake and is served in VVG's signature bento style tray, which I've also seen at VVG Table's brunch. I ordered the Beef curry pot with Indian aromatic rice (NT$580) which had a nice sweet and spiciness and it was nice to have actual basmati rice to go with it, which quite a few Indian restaurants in Taipei skimp out on (and serve white rice instead).


Pumpkin soup, fresh greens...

And then the cupcake. I wasn't impressed with my cupcakes at my last visit years ago, but good for VVG Bon Bon, they improved them since then. I felt the syringe of sugar water was kind of strange as I didn't want artificial sugar added into my cupcake, but the chocolate cake and frosting was decent without it. The other cupcakes around the table were also very fanciful. We didn't get to choose our own cupcakes, but I suppose you could request your flavor in advance.

The seating in the back had been changed into a mini shop of sorts- an eclectic collection of candies, ceramics, stationary goods, bags, pillows and stuff. The candy land room was cluttered with salt water taffies, rainbow lollipops, cat shaped pillows, cupcake notecards, animal topped pens, and all sorts of cuteness.

The prices were too high for me to make an impulse purchase, but it could be a place to browse for gift giving.

One could have an Instragram/Facebook/Twitter/Weibo/Fill-in-your-social-media of-choice frenzy in here.

With all the new cute cafes and coffeeshops flooding Taipei's alleys, it was nice to come back to one of the first and see that VVG Bon Bon was worth revisiting.


Karen Ivy said...

I find so much charm in the old-fashioned wooden toys- they are so real opposed to the artificial plastic faces, products of social stereotypes. WE better choose more crative present and games for our schildren, toys wich will develop their imagination.

Anonymous said...

Not sure of this place. When waitress try to push other dishes on the menu is sure of they want to sell items that not doing well. Rather go to restaurant that let customers pick what they want to order.


amy said...

the decor was cute, but the cupcake i tried was dry and disappointing. I was looking forward to a real north american cup cake. The search continues.

Anonymous said...

I had their green tea cupcake yesterday, and it was horrible. The cupcaks was dry but the worst is the frosting. I know matcha has a particular taste but the frosting was so bitter to the point that I couldn't eat it (mind you this comes from a girl who can eat bitter melon without complaining)! Very disappointing experience. Won't visit again.

joanh said...

Karen- i agree!

Judy- sometimes I like it when waiters make suggestions but I know what you mean.. They probably don't have enough business to fully stock everything and if they don't have turnover, the cupcakes will get dry

Amy/anonymous- try the cupcakes at Les Bebes Cupcakery!! The real deal has finally come to Taipei!

Unknown said...

May I please ask you a question? Do you know of any good lunch box shops or places to eat after midnight near Guting?