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Monday, March 11, 2013

my kitchen: pesto, avocado toast with grape tomatoes and truffle cheese

Simple has never tasted so good. No recipe needed. Just slather a spoonful of pesto, then spread a slice of ripe avocado atop your choice of toasted bread. What kind of bread? I am currently obsessed with the torta bread from La Brea Bakery, available at Costco (where I also bought the pesto and avocados), which I've also gotten all my friends addicted to. Definitely don't try it if you want to avoid carbs. 

I ate this three days in a row. For breakfast. Damn you, torta bread!

Creamy, crispy, cheesy and awesome. Variations can include adding arugula, bacon, prosciutto, poached egg, salami or cheese- in my case, truffle cheese from Trader Joes that I brought back from LA. (You can also buy truffle cheese in Taipei from Goodwells or Breeze Supermarket for a small fortune) The grape tomatoes add a layer of sweetness and extra juice. And please don't try using Taiwan avocados for this (shudder!!). It won't be the same.

Call it an open faced sandwich. Tartine. Toast. It doesn't matter what you call it, just don't blame me when you are obsessed too.


Jon Lin's Food Adventures said...

Looks good! Where can I find avocados in Taipei? I can't seem to find them aside from Costco :(.

joanh said...

hey Jon! I've seen them sometimes at Woolloomoolloo's market next to WXY. That way you don't have to buy in bulk