Monday, April 15, 2013


(Doh! Just got word from a friend that it really did close down, a year or two ago...CLOSED!)

TAI JUAN 太卷壽司簡食
No. 2-1, Lane 345, Alley 15, Ren Ai Rd, Sec. 4
(02) 2775-1310

MRT: SYS Memorial Hall

$$$ (about NT$1200/person for lunch)

Kid friendliness: mostly sashimi, some grilled fish. some tables non-sushi bar seating

Visit reviewed: 11/3/2010

Catching up, catching up- story of my life. I have over 170 drafts in my backlog of posts, so some of these posts are going to be photo photo photo and just a little bit of my recollection, before some of these places close down before I have a chance to post about them (Ahem- Cubano).

I had high hopes at this omakase lunch, as my friend gathered a group of us and stated that this sushi bar was extremely popular on Japanese blogs. The slick red counter always stuck in my memory, but the rest of the meal unfortunately has faded. My favorite thing was probably the grilled fish (barracuda I believe) and the worst was the uni with a chemical taste. That ruined the whole lunch for me unfortunately, having the most sublime uni experiences in Taipei at other sushi bars. Apologies for the lack of detail for the sashimi- I think my notes are about 3 iphones ago and I was definitely more clueless about sashimi back then, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

ginger clam soup
This was amazing, and grilled perfectly. Maybe my first time having barracuda!


the offending uni


If the pictures look good, you can give it a try, as omakases will change depending on the chef and what's fresh that day. But for the same price, NT$1200 circa 2010, there are a lot of better sushi bars I'd rather go back to.


FaFoFi said...

Lovely review Joan! It's disappointing that the sushi was bad. ><

I have the same problem with backlogged posts, often I can't find the meal notes anymore and have to do some extreme investigating to find out the exact dishes to a meal. >< I feel like I should carry a pen and paper notebook around instead!

Anonymous said...

Is the tamago scorched on purpose? That looks terrible... thanks for sharing your impression though, 170 posts, as they say in Taiwan, fuel up! :)

joanh said...

memosne: hi!! thank you!! i know, it's quite a bad problem.. i do sometimes write the notes down on paper, but not often enough.. i should look for an app where you can audio record notes over photos.. haha

anonymous: i think it was.. i usually don't like to eat tamago, so i didn't have more than a small bite. thanks for the comment and encouragement!