Saturday, September 23, 2006

bakeries: LITTLE MERMAID BAKERY at city'super

at city'super
Far Eastern Hotel Mall, B1
203, Tun Hwa S Road, Sec. 2
Taipei 106


visit reviewed: 9/23/2006

It was really cute. Along some of the English and Chinese signs were additional signs that said "Just baked" or "Just fried" to highlight certain items. The items at the Little Mermaid Bakery even looked different from breads and pastries I had spotted in other Taipei bakeries, so I had to give it try. The city'superwebsite says that their instore baked bread was "famous for its Danish style pastries, and pioneered by the Andersen Group in Japan." No wonder...

I got a bread with sugar dusted on it, a bread with cheese baked in it, and a curry doughnut (kind of like a deep fried ball stuffed with a thicker curry).

Unfortunately, I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. And I reallly wanted to.

The sugar bread was sweet and soft- kind of like a flatbread doughnut. The cheese bread tasted like other cheese breads. And the curry doughnut was greasier and heavier than others I have had.

But it looked so good! And they have a frequent buyer's program where you get a card with stamps. I would probably give it another chance and try out other things. Also, if you are looking for foreign foods and goods, you have a good shot at finding them at the citysuper supermarket, although you will probably be paying an arm and leg extra for it!

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