Thursday, September 28, 2006

bakeries: i recommend POZZO

at San Want Hotel
172 Chung Hsiao E Rd, Sec 4
(02) 2772-2121 ext. 2126

open daily: 7AM- 10PM


visit reviewed: 9/28/2006

Pozzo is a bakery located next to the entrance of San Want hotel on the busy Chung Hsiao East Road shopping street. It's a great place to stop by for a snack or to pick up some bread for the next day. With a varying assortment of breads and pastries, today I chose to get (from left to right) squid ink garlic loaf, custard filled tart, coconut raisin bread, and a doughnut for under NT$150. Hey, I haven't had a doughnut in awhile!

I wish I could have had hands free to take more pictures inside the shop (maybe next time!), but it was brightly lit with wall to wall baked goods as well as customers. The front of the store near the window had the desserts with cakes, custards and tarts.

The custard tart was huge and the milky filling reminded me of a softer egg tart filling. The garlic squid ink bread had little bit of garlic butter spread in top of the center and a pleasant garlic taste after you had finished eating the bread- though it's not garlic bread, but rather the flavor of garlic infused in the bread. I shared some with a friend, and he wanted to eat more. The doughnut was good- nothing out of the ordinary and nothing bad to say. I didn't eat the coconut raisin bread, but it disappeared quickly as well.

The hours are pretty good for early and late birds, and the signs are all English and Chinese friendly. I would definitely go there again and try out some of the other offerings, and pick up some more garlic squid ink bread.


Anonymous said...

NOthing gets my attention better than pastries, or perhaps a shoe sale. But this shop looks and sounds great! And your pastry looks looks delicious!

joanh said...

hi jenjen! thanks for visiting! yes, one of the great things about Taipei is that there are SO many bakeries with fresh baked bread and pastries... i will be featuring more of them soon!

Ken said...

I am having the squid ink roll with chicken on the inside as I type - very garlicky and yummy. Thx for introducing us to this one! The garlic bread is also fantastic.

I was looking for that custard tart and those canales, but I couldn't find them!!! Will definitely have to return to look for them.