Saturday, November 11, 2006

chinese: Vegetarian restaurant (name/address TBA)

name and address TBA


date visited: 3/12/2006

"sashimi" closeup. yup, it's vegetarian!

Earlier this year, we went in search of a vegetarian restaurant and discovered this unusual but very interesting restaurant that presented vegetarian foods as if you weren't eating vegetarian food. They were known for the set menus which included sushi and sashimi-like textures on a bed of ice and mushroom steaks on a sizzling stone.

"sashimi" assortment on ice

mushroom "steak"

It was definitely some of the most unique and beautiful presentation of food, much less vegetarian food, I'd seen in awhile, although for above average prices as well. While there were some hits (anything with mushroom for me- the mushroom steak, the sashimi and the tempura) and some misses (the cold appetizer soup and the starter salad), it's worth a try if you have a vegetarian in your family or want to try something different.

It's also fun just to admire the detail in each dish and discuss in amazement how much something tastes like what it appears to be, or at the chef's creativity. I'm sure that the restaurant probably changes their set menus depending on seasonal ingredients, so if you get a set menu course, it may not be the same as the one I had.

starter salad

herbal soup

mushroom "steak" on sizzling stone

vegetarian sushi with edible orchid!

Everything tasted fresh and hearty- and unlike some other vegetarian experiences I've had- which would consist of pretty slim pickings and sometimes compromising a choice in flavor or selection- this was a full and complete meal with nothing missing.

vegetable tempura

soup with tofu

chilled taro soup


Chubbypanda said...

Chinese vegetarian food rocks. I remember a conversation I had once with a friend.

Him: "You're not vegetarian. Why would you want to eat fake meat."

Me: "It's tasty too. You can't get those flavors anywhere else."

- Chubbypanda

abstractpoet said...

hey hungry girl,

just ate at vvg bistro tonight, the latest of your recommendations that we've checked out. i liked it! my wife was especially taken with the quirky and ecclectic decor - from the artwork on the walls to the ashtray/sugar holder on the table. "i like everything here" were her exact words.

the food was solid though, as people have said, the prices (for the portions) were a bit high by taipei standards. i wanted more than just those two little pieces of bread to share to go along with that pesto sauce. good chicken dome, good chocolate brownie for dessert, though. and i liked the fact that they give you the option to "share", meaning they served the dishes up one at a time instead of all together.

say, let me know if you ever want to organize some sort of food outing - i used to post a lot on the "chowhounds" board, and i know they would organize trips to restaurants all the time. seems like it'd be a fun thing to do, and a way to meet some other food lovers.