Thursday, December 28, 2006

CLOSED/afternoon tea/dessert: SAZABY AFTERNOON TEA

as of October 2007, Sogo Dun Hua location CLOSED/REMODELING!

Sogo (Dun Nan store) B1
No. 246, Dun Hua South Rd, Sec 1

also at Taipei 101, B1


date visited: 11/28/2006 (official site)

A chain of eateries with Japanese style pastas, salads and cakes, with afternoon tea specials. You can also get the cakes to go or shop in their store which sells colorful and cute tableware, towels and random accessories. The Afternoon Tea cafe space in Dun Hua Sogo is very airy and bright with the high ceilings and windows. The space is spread out so you can enjoy your space and has high chairs for babies. I didn't get a chance to take a lot of pictures of the space because we were busy manning and feeding the three kids under the age of 3 we had in our group that day, but there is breathing room for them to eat, walk around and even lay down and sleep on the booth if lunch runs into their nap time, as it did ours.

Their pastas tasted better than these pictures look, but there are a lot of better pasta places in Taipei. The portions are good though and they have some unique options, such as the popular pink mentaiko eggs Spaghetti. The tables next to ours had three out of four orders of the pink spaghetti. The menu is in English, Japanese and Chinese and features a few salads, soups, sandwiches, pastas, and desserts, with quite a few teas, coffees and drinks, and you can get a set menu of pasta/sandwich/salad with drink and dessert for NT$299.

The cakes have never made me go "wow" since they are very light flavored with too much frosting for me, but they had a cheesecake that was not bad.

It was hard for me to find any information about the chain in English, but I've enclosed the official Japanese website as translated by Google. I don't know if there are any other locations besides the ones in 101 and Sogo Dun Hua, but I'm sure there are, as I remember spotting the Afternoon Tea shops elsewhere.

It's a good choice for a group of friends or moms or a casual lunch, with affordable prices and a nice relaxing atmosphere.

And you can even shop for new tea cups after you pay your bill.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting! I didn't know Taipei has such a wide variety of food from other nationalities - Indian, Japanese, Mexican!!

My knowledge of food in Taipei was quite limited to bubble tea, smelly tofu and Taiwan Porridge! *blush*

joanh said...

hi simcooks! well there's definitely a lot of taiwanese foods that i love that i haven't had a chance to talk about on the blog yet, but since the other cuisines are tougher to find to be as good as back home, i try harder to seek out those restaurants!

Lisa Wang said...

i just went here for lunch and it was good. i was craving some american style food so i got the egg salad sandwich with smoked salmon salad. the croissants they give out at the beginning of the meal were bad though, very stale and hard!

joanh said...

ffc: good to hear. i like egg salad sandwich sometimes and it has to be fresh.