Thursday, December 21, 2006

another hungry girl!

hey! It's fun to browse and see how people come to visit my site. I started it for myself and for fun and it's really great to see responses from people who can also look at it for fun, to drool over the pictures of the food, or to actually use to find places to eat! One recent person came from a search for "hungry girl" and there's actually more of them out there! hahahah

hungry girl on yahoo

it's a very shiny cool looking blog about food in general.. *sigh.. another blog to drool over during the holidays!

what are some of your favorite food blogs out there? do you read them for restaurants to go to, to drool over the photos or for recipes to try?

happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

i'm a newcomer but i enjoy your site very much. esp since i'm in tpe.

some sites i visit regularly

keep up the good "work". :)

joanh said...

anonymous: thanks for commenting! let us know what you think if you eat at any of the places i mention!