Monday, October 29, 2007

afternoon tea/dessert/italian: SABATINI TAIPEI

Trattoria Pizzeria SABATINI TAIPEI
at new green Sogo, 11 FL
No. 300, Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec 3 (at FuXing)
(02) 8772-1237

website: in Japanese only

hours: 11:30 AM - 11:30PM (last orders at 10:30PM)


Visit reviewed: 5/4/2007

Don't confuse this Sabatini as a new branch for the locally owned Sabatini Cucina on Chang An like I did with their similarly elegant atmosphere and friendly service. Apparently, it's a Italian restaurant from Japan- but either way, it's a very nice place to sit down and chat have some afternoon tea after a morning of shopping or walking around with your relatives (which is what we did).

While most of us were too full to have the afternoon tea buffet (NT$299), it seemed like quite a good deal. All you could eat tiramisu, panna cotta, sorbet, pizza and coffee or tea for a set price that was about the same as one drink and dessert. A good option for business meeting, ladies who lunch or even an afternoon date.

It wasn't very crowded and we were allowed to linger and relax. Everything tasted pretty good and I was very curious about their pizzas which seemed made fresh by request, and definitely eyed my Uncle's glass of mini scoops of sorbet. I will have to come back and check out the lunch or dinner menu sometime again soon, although I'm not encouraged by lone locust's review of their pizzas.

Located on the 11th floor of the green Sogo, check out the Japanese gardens and the view of the busy street below if you get a chance.


Chubbypanda said...

I'm pretty sure I saw Sabatini on the original Iron Chef as a challenger.

joanh said...

chubbypanda: cool! haven't watched iron chef (OG or American version) in AGES.

Anonymous said...

I went to Sabatini not long after Sogo opened. Went there for dinner and it was packed! We waited for 15 to 20 minutes or so to be seated.
From what I can remember, the food was nice. The pizza was okay, nothing special.

Rose said...

joanh said "at new green Sogo"

ha ha ha...great way to put it. I would have said that myself :-)

Unknown said...

hey.. i love ur blog esp cuz i'm a food lover n blogger myself..are u living in taiwan? just wondering.. cuz i'll be going there next month..hope to hear from u!:)

Lisa Wang said...

that place looks great!! we'll def have to try next time i'm there.

joanh said...

teresa: hi! thanks for your comment.. i wonder if it's still packed for dinner.

rose: yeah.. that's how i think of it! hahha

food-gastro: thanks! hope the blog is helpful for your visit!

patrick: thanks!

ffc: when are you coming again? :)

Anonymous said...

I was there last week. I think their pizza wasn't that bad. But there's one flavor of pizza that disgusted me...well, sort of. It had a kind of Japanese small shrimps on. The kind of shrimps that you can eat the shells along. Sabatini's tiramisu was great though.