Tuesday, October 23, 2007

chinese: i strongly recommend KAO CHI

5 Yongkang Street
(02) 2341-9984

website: kao-chi.com

11 AM- 10 PM, Mon- Fri
8:30AM- 10:30PM, Sat and Sun


Kid friendliness: didn't spot high chairs, but can't imagine that this restaurant isn't bustling with families and kids during their weekends and nights.

Visit reviewed:10/18/2007

Take your out of town friends to Din Tai Fung. But impress your local friends or relatives by taking them to the nearby Kao Chi or when there's too much of a wait at DTF. With xiao long bao that's just as good (and cheaper!) and a much more extensive menu of Shanghai and Chinese deliciousness including shanghai fried stuffed buns, beef noodle soup, dim sum, stir fried rice cakes, veggies, seafood and desserts like cool almond tofu, I was surprised I hadn't heard of or been taken to this almost 60 year old establishment earlier.

Complete review and more pics to come...

Other location (new):

152, FuXing S Rd, Sec 1
(02) 2751-9393
Hours:8 am-11:30 pm


Jay said...

oh man that makes me hungry!~Jay's World

Lisa Wang said...

as much as i love ding tai fong it is fun finding different places that are less touristy and well known. DTF is def too expensive for what you get

joanh said...

jay cam: yup some good stuff!

ffc: yah, that's why DTF is for your tourist friends who have only 1 night and this place can be for when you don't want to wait in line! it's literally right around the corner!

Anonymous said...

first visit since the renovation and was served xaio long bao which were barely warm inside - "soup" was jello. After getting a server's atttention they were taken away and the same basket returned, minus the two I had tried.

I don't think I'll be going back. Service has always been pretty ordinary but the food used to make up for it. There are too many alternatives to return to this venue.

Anonymous said...

wow that does look yummy..
the funny thing is that my name is Kaochi ..lol

Allan said...

The Xiao Long Bao is definitely better at Kao Chi than at Din Tai Fung. It is juicier and more tender. I've only been to the place on FuXing so maybe that's why my experience was different? Also, I've noticed that the quality at Din Tai Fung has started to vary quite a bit. Kao Chi is certainly the new favorite!

Ginny said...

Is this place still around? The website didn't work. We love DTF's xiao long bao but it's way too expensive to have often. We'd love an alternative!

Allan said...

Hi Ginny, I don't think Kao Chi has an English web site, but the Chinese one is here: http://kao-chi.theweb.tw/index.htm As far as I know, they are alive and well!

Ginny said...

Allan - I meant to thank you for the info! My husband and I finally tried Kao Chi's xlb. I thought they were a bit tough and chewy but still a good flavor. My husband preferred the texture and thought they were easier to eat than DTF. Service was pretty terrible but at least the xlb didn't disappoint!

Allan said...

Hmm, sorry to hear about the service. It's always good for me but my wife is Taiwanese and they recognize us so maybe that's the difference. One thing about xiao long bao (anywhere) is that it's really the best immediately after making it and steaming it within a few minutes, so everything works the best if the place is really busy!