Monday, November 16, 2009

my kitchen: bunny & bear hard boiled eggs mold

Who wouldn't want to eat cute hard boiled eggs?

And it's not that much more trouble than boiling the eggs, peeling them and putting them in the molds in ice water for a few minutes to set the shape. The longer you let them set, the better the shape will hold, but five minutes should be enough. Also, I rinsed the eggs in cool water before peeling them- otherwise the eggshells are hot and can be hard to peel.

I was too excited to see if it was really going to work to take pictures of the "before" of the eggs... after all, y'all know what plain hard boiled eggs look like right?!

Add a little salt and pepper and you're good to go! Or be a kid again and play with your food a little bit before you eat it.

You can also buy fish/car molds, or splurge on a Hello Kitty one.

I will probably end up buying the Hello Kitty one someday soon. Some hard boiled Hello Kitty eggs to go with my cheese sandwiches from my Hello Kitty sandwich maker.

Because, you know, Hello Kitty makes it taste better. LOL


Pauline said...

i still think those look really cool! where did you get them from? in TWN? maybe i'll go see if i can find some when i go back.

joanh said...

Pauline: hi! I've seen them in a few places, but there's a Japanese store called Saiyukan on Zhong Xiao East Road near Pizza Hut that has them for better prices than Hands Tailung which has more variety.

EatTravelEat said...

Nice! I thought at first this was a duplicate post as you were talking about these molds before but I was wrong :). Both look so cute!

I think I would want a car mold. I like cars.

Zoe said...

oh! they're so cute! :) i saw them at the korean supermarket... wait, so you boil the eggs, peel them, and then put them in the mold--am i right?

joanh said...

eattraveleat: haha. yes, i bought the molds then, but hadn't used them yet. all the molds are fun!

zoe: hi! yes, 1- boil the eggs, 2-rinse with cool water, 3-peel, 4-place in mold, 5-place molds in cold or ice water, 6- wait 5 minutes and you're set!

kirbie said...

Oh so cute! I saw heart and star shaped ones at a Japanese store, nothing as cute as these. For some reason the heart and star shaped ones did not work for me. The eggs didnt fit properly in the mold. My eggs seemed too small even though I had extra large eggs. Oh well.

brian said...

whoa! that's wild! i've never seen/heard of that before.

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