Friday, November 13, 2009

night market/dessert: i strongly recommend TONG HUA NIGHT MARKET

Linjiang Street between Tong Hua Street and Keelung Road


Kid friendliness: crowded but lots to eat on the go

Visit reviewed: 5/2/2009

This should be a familiar sight to those of you who read my blog. Night market crowds and lots of food vendors. Fresh fruit, fried foods, meats on a stick...

One surprising thing I had was good gelato from Seven Nine Gelato. The cheeful vendors happily handed out lots of mini spoons of samples and big scoops of your favorite flavors.

And it was so good, I ended up getting two scoops for the bargain price of NT$60.

It's too bad I was too full from dinner, otherwise I would have love to have sampled the Chinese sausage and sticky rice or the candied sweet potatoes I saw at the end.

I'd love to explore Tong Hua night market more, which is a great location for those living near 101/Xinyi or DaAn area and don't want to trek all the way to Shilin.

For those of you who have been to Tong Hua, what's the best to eat or shop there?

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PS. Found this cool little shortlist guide of Taipei nightmarkets.


grover said...

I used to live right down the street and go by all the time. Here are a few of my frequent stops.

There was a good stand with those fluffy folded pancakes stuffed with peanut or naifen. Toward the opposite end - is it Linjiang Street?

A good soup place in the center, the duck or suanlatang are the best choices.

They used to have one of those Indian wrap stands but I haven't seen it on my last couple visits.

And save room next time, the sausages are great.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Tonghua night market many times, and here are a few places i highly recommend:
-A sushi/関東煮 place - there's almost always a long line, can't miss it
-the stinky candied sweet potato you mentioned
-意麵,either dry or with soup, it's on tong hua street itself, near a boneless chicken feet vendor
-鹽水雞 (?)- corner of linjiang and tonghua, lots of people always
-any of the sausage vendors

:) good eats

Beef No Guy said...

Sadly I haven't been, but this could be in the plans next month when I go back!

Can you read Chinese? Here's a site of some places but it could be a paid to advertise kind of thing

Here's another website with a map, but not much in the way of descriptions nor the links of clickable places

I might try Si Jia Gua Bao, and the Tainan style Ba Wan.

This website

recommends the baozi, sour cabbage crispy intestines, black pepper sausage (skewer?), and mifen soup.

dhd said...

This was my favorite night market when I was in Taipei this spring, and not just because I was staying nearby... I particularly liked the scallion pancake stand by the corner of the lane between Tonghua St and Guangfu Rd. Delicious with a fried egg and a lot of hot sauce.

Also nearby at the corner of Xinyi and Guangfu Road is a breakfast stand with various buns and things - they had these delicious things for NT$20 which looked like bagels but were actually deep-fried buns stuffed with cabbage and onion. What are those called?

koji said...

One thing I miss from the states is walnut shrimp. I was told Tonghua has it, and they have something like it, just without the walnuts or pineapple, but still good. they call them fried shrimp balls, I think.

brian said...

your photos of night markets are such a tease! march can't come any sooner!

joanh said...

grover: thanks for sharing! i went this past weekend and i saw the indian wrap stand, so it's still around. i will have to give it a try!

anonymous: mm i had the candied sweet potatoes. so good! the thin crunchy shell. yum. thanks for commenting!

BeefNoGuy: you'll have to try it! i don't read chinese, but thanks for sharing- maybe some of the readers can check out the links.

dhd: hi! thanks for commenting. yeah, i didn't realize how CLOSE tonghua is to grand hyatt hotel.

koji: hmm, i have to think about where i've had good walnut shrimp here...

brian: sorry! :) my night market visits are infrequent, but always enjoyable! :)

Douglas said...

hungry girl, your blog is really an awesome blog! Any seafood to recommend in taipei?

Anonymous said...

There's this really great stinky tofu place (if you like stinky tofu) right before you turn on Tong Hua; I think it's on XinYi Rd. The name of the restaurant is either De Ji or Lu Ji--I've kinda forgotten.