Monday, March 28, 2011

CLOSED/bakery: i strongly recommend BREAD SOCIETIE

CLOSED! a/o March 2015 as well as the one on RenAi

No. 267, XinYi Rd, Sec. 4


hours: 7AM-10PM


Kid friendliness: great options that aren't too sweet

Visit reviewed: 2/16/2011

With so much competition in town, a bakery has to be pretty good for me to keep going back. So after passing by Bread Societe and its unique logo for months, I finally stopped in one afternoon. When I found myself stopping by Bread Societe again and again, I knew that I had to try different things in the store to see if it could become a new favorite.

If you pick up one loaf, the one that had me addicted was the walnut bread (NT$38) which is dusted with sugar on top to give nuttiness an extra layer of sweetness. The bread is soft and usually devoured by the time I get home. There's also quite a few healthier loaves that aren't as sweet, including cranberry walnut bread and multigrain wheat bread.

I also love that most of their items feature English as well as Chinese signage so I'm not guessing like I often am in most bakeries around town. The shop is also very clean and modern.

I also like their soft garlic cheese bread (NT$36) and pineapple bun.

And how could I not pick up one of these adorable panda breads (NT$35)? I've seen a lot of cute bread, but this one rivals Mr. Donut bear donut cuteness. I just noticed that the sign says that the it is a raccoon, but I think it looks more like a panda. LOL.

The bun is heavier than expected with a firm exterior for the crust.

There's also pudding breads, loaves of sliced bread made with soy milk, cookies and cakes. I even spotted Boston Creme pie and three types of cheesecake by the slice. (Try the lemon cheesecake for creamy, thick cheesecake with a citrusy topping).

There's also coffee, teas and soup (priced somewhere between Starbucks and 85 degrees) and mellow interior seating in some shops for those looking to afternoon tea or grab an early breakfast.


SYS Memorial location
No. 449, RenAi Rd, Sec. 4

No. 511, ZhongHe Rd, Yonghe

Taida shop
No. 331, Roosevelt Rd, Sec. 3

No. 92, MinQuan W. Rd

No. 36, DeXing W. Rd

Tianmu shop
No. 20, Lane 38, TianYu St.

No.121, MinSheng E. Rd, Sec. 5

No. 85, BaDe Rd, Sec. 3

Shida shop
No. 45-2, Shida Rd

XinDian shop
No. 217, Xinzhuang Rd.

No. 763-5 Xinfu Rd.

Neihu shop
No. 2, ChengGong Rd, Sec. 2


Chaon said...

But do they have bread with red bean and taro and pork floss? 'Cause that's my favorite.

Viv said...

hmmm im def going to give the walnut bread a try soon when im around the area! yummo! haha i thought the raccoon was panda as well!

India said...

I fully agree and heartily recommend their lemon tarts. They're so rich and sour they might be better than lemon bars from home.

joanh said...

karl: haha, i think i spotted some pork floss today but i didn't see red bean or taro.

vivienne: try it and let me know what you think!

india: thanks for commenting!! mm, i'll have to try the lemon tart next. their lemon cheesecake was definitely rich and sour enough.

Joe Chang said...

i miss real Taiwan pastries !!!

Kathy said...

Hi!! I love your blog. There is much creativity and love what you do.

Viv said...

haha thanks for your le gout recommendation. i really cant wait to try it out! (altho its kinda far).

im compiling a list of restaurants for my friends visiting tw next your site is coming very handy! :) looking fwd to the best of 2010 soon! :D

kirbie said...

Aww, the raccoon/panda breads are sooo cute! I agree they look nothing like raccoons, but are still super cute.

OmNomzHero said...

they do have some good bread, I had their garlic bread and it very tasty. Leave it to Taiwan to make bread that is both cute and delicious (for the most part). I do not know how anyone can ever do the atkins diet in Taiwan, there is a bakery and tasty bread everywhere!

Anonymous said...

ooh there is one near to me here in XinDian! I have been wanting to try it :o The Panda/Raccoon bread looks so cute!!

joanh said...

Joe Chang: thanks for commenting! it's definitely one of the best things about Taipei!

Kathy : thanks so much!!

Vivienne: I like Le Gout a lot more the 2nd time I tried it.. it's definitely far for me too! I gotta post about that as well! Hope your friends will leave some comments on their fave places if they find the blog helpful!

kirbie: hahah! i know!

OmNomzHero: thanks for commenting! i definitely don't know how anyone could do atkins here! if not the breads, then the noodles and the rice

Sparklewolfie: cool! let me know what you think!

hamper said...

i didn't know there was one so close to me!! :) i'll have to go sometime this week or next week. used to frequent the shida location when we were over there. :)

MindyMeow said...

I love their breads too!

joanh said...

hamper: haha.. you're welcome for the translations! :)

mindymeow: the breads are good! thanks for reading and commenting!

jaseryk said...

Have you ever tried their “honey butter balls (蜂蜜奶油球)”? It’s a ball-shaped French bread bun, stuffed with a thin slice of frozen butter. Inside the bun, underneath the butter is a thin layer of honey paste, sprinkled with sugar.

Anonymous said...

It is great to see these popping up more and more. The Taiwanese section in the BS is also shrinking. Today when I went to the western style took up 80% of the shop and the horribly sweetened over the top section was being ignored. Seems that people do actually like good bread but have never had access to it before. lols at the guy who mentioned pork floss , taro and red bean. We have a joke amongst my mates that one day subway will do such a sub and do away with the traditional flavours and they will wonder why sales plummeted.
Richard Murfin


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