Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bakery/desserts: i strongly recommend BONJOUR

No. 101, Dunhua S. Road, Sec. 2
(02) 2709-3986

website: mostly Chinese


Kid friendliness: lots of kid friendly options and samples

Visit reviewed: 1/31/11 (all photos from iphone 4g)

One of the upsides to Taipei is the crazy number of bakeries in town that offer freshly baked breads and sweets everyday- you can't really walk down the street without passing one and its window of goodies catching your eye. One of the downsides to Taipei is the temptations from all those bakeries and carbs and sugars saying, "Buy me! Eat me! I'm so delicious!"

Eventually, you'll have a list of your favorites and what's best at which bakery, like I do. I love the chocolate mini croissants at Mini One. I love the cinnamon buns and chocolate cake at Original Bakery. I love the olive bread and apple tart at Maison Keyser. I love the garlic bread, the mentaiko bread, the sesame soy milk cake, caneles and chocolate ganache cake from Pozzo at San Want Hotel. The list could go on and on- it could fill a book.

So let's talk about Bonjour.

The first time I tried Bonjour was at its Dunhua Eslite food court location. They had plenty of samples, which soon got me hooked onto their caramelized, crispy pastries, like a round palmier, which you can often find near the counter. They are deadly addictive.

And their onion rolls which are moist to the point of almost being oily, with a crisp crust.

And their delicious caneles which also come in orange and cinnamon flavors at the location near the Diner.

Unfortunately, there's not much signage in English, but you can read with your eyes and ask questions for things you are unsure of- like these cinnamon buns DO have raisins.

There's even sampler bags for the indecisive. I remember seeing at the Dunhua Eslite location that they sold day old bread at a discounted price.

You might not love everything you try, but you know a bakery is in your shortlist when you find yourself going back there again and again for those special items. I've tried their quiche as well which were quite tasty when warmed up at home. There are decorated cakes at some of the locations as well, though I have yet to try them.


No. 132, Dunhua S. Road, Sec. 1

No. 41, XinZhong St.

Dunhua Eslite, B2


Kung Food Panda said...

These look great! How I love pastries in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

I love all the bakeries too!! Haha I gained weight from too many breads though ^^;

I want to try them all *u* Sampler packs are a brilliant idea ♥

Currently my favorite is 幾分甜/How Sweet Cafe because it has a cute bear mascot (I call it 熊熊店) and they have awesome 蛋塔!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if you know where I can buy Pillsbury baking producs, i.e. biscuits, cookie dough, etc. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of pastries. Wonder was that long dark chocolate looking pastry in the first photo?


joanh said...

kung food panda: i know! more bakeries pics to come! definitely can't find the variety at this price in LA

sparklewolfie: i know! me too. i've had the egg pudding from how sweet but not the breads.. will have to check it out!

anonymous: i've been wanting that too, but haven't found any unfortunately... i wonder if enough people put in requests at costco or jasons if they would stock it

anonymous: the dark looking long bread is squid ink bread.. they have it at quite a few bakeries here. it doesn't really affect the taste, but i really like the garlic bread squid ink bread if you can find it

Nitheesh said...

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Jasmine said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

You know, Bonjour is pretty good, but I REALLY wish that they'd add lots of icing to their cinnamon buns. They used to put a ton of icing, like Cinnabon, but now, they're dry!


Anonymous said...

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